Chief Executive Nikhil Eapen

StarHub DARE+ Beyond Telco

Chief Executive Nikhil Eapen and the Senior Leadership Team  of StarHub has unveiled DARE+ at Investor Day 2021. DARE+ will take StarHub from a telco  to a company that connects digital lives for customers. DARE+ anchors on doubling down on  digital across everything StarHub does, accelerating value creation, realising growth without  frontiers, and delivering an endless continuum of experiences that enrich customers’ lives. 

The launch of DARE+ builds on the successful conclusion of DARE 1.0, which ended in  October 2021 and delivered cost savings of over $270 million, exceeding the original target of  $210 million. DARE 1.0 also resulted in a 15% reduction in operating expenditure levels. 

With DARE+, StarHub intends to achieve sustainable revenue growth and potential growth in  dividends, with superior product margins from the continued introduction of new 5G products  and solutions, further operating cost savings through digitalisation and migration from legacy  systems, and progressive declines in fixed cost through sustained evolution of operating  models. StarHub targets $280 million in cost savings plus $220 million in gross profit growth  cumulatively between FY2022 and FY2026. 

Nikhil shared, “DARE+ is the next giant step for StarHub in our transformation journey. DARE+  is laser-focused on growth in all areas, and is no less ambitious than DARE 1.0. StarHub is  changing, going beyond telco to becoming a full-on digital life and digital services provider of  the most enriching connectivity, entertainment and other lifestyle experiences, as well as  innovative business solutions for our customers, with frictionless digital engagement at our  core. We invite our customers, partners, and our community to join us on this journey, as we  radically simplify everything we offer, double down on digital for maximum agility, cement our  network superiority, and drive sustainable growth across all segments.” 

DARE+ moves StarHub from quad play to “Infinity Play”, offering an infinite continuum of  connectivity, over-the-top (OTT) streaming entertainment, cloud gaming and digital solutions, tearing down boundaries between services to match customers’ diversity and growing needs  and wants. 

“Infinity Play” requires real digital engagement to be successful, leveraging StarHub’s success  with its digital platform giga!, which has achieved stellar growth and the highest Net Promoter  Score in the market. With DARE+, StarHub will drive consumption through all-encompassing  super-app platforms for customers, with the aim to offer as many services as possible on a self serve, zero-touch basis, while achieving rapid speed-to-market and minimising cost and capital  expenditure. 

For consumers, StarHub is meshing its continuum of products and services into all-in-one  offerings, to serve customers anytime, anywhere and on any device. Shows and movies can  now be enjoyed not only on TVs, but also on phones, tablets and web browsers through its hybrid linear-OTT platform StarHub TV+. StarHub has also renamed its TV line of business to  Entertainment, to reflect the company’s expanding continuum of complementary services,  such as 5G cloud gaming, with the intent to continue adding new products and new verticals. 

For enterprises, business acceleration is well underway, through StarHub’s significant presence  in cyber security and regional ICT with Ensign InfoSecurity and Strateq growing well, plus the  proposed acquisitions of MyRepublic Broadband and HKBN JOS (Singapore) and HKBN JOS  (Malaysia). StarHub’s aim is to be the trusted one-stop brand for enterprises’ cyber security,  cloud and ICT and network connectivity needs, leveraging its unique capability sets and  expanding ecosystem of strong partners to cross-sell solutions and pull through 5G and fixed  connectivity. StarHub will pursue further acquisitions that enlarge scale and footprint as well  as expand product offerings and capabilities for customers. 

StarHub’s core network connectivity is the backbone of DARE+ alongside its digital  transformation. StarHub was the first to launch 5G in Singapore in August 2020 and operates  Singapore’s most awarded network, offering customers superior connectivity across 4G, 5G  and broadband. StarHub will continue differentiating its core infrastructure further, to give  customers the best access – anytime, anywhere and on any device. 

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