Alteryx Now Available in AWS Marketplace

Alteryx Now Available in AWS Marketplace

Alteryx, Inc., the Analytics Automation company, today announced that the Alteryx Analytic Process Automation Platform is now available in the AWS Marketplace, a curated digital catalogue of third-party offerings that makes it easy for customers to purchase and deploy software and services that run on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS customers can take advantage of Alteryx’s unified platform, including Alteryx Designer and Alteryx Server, to automate complex analytics and accelerate digital transformation while streamlining procurement and consolidating billing.

“AWS provides a flexible and scalable environment where Alteryx users get more real insights from their data without managing infrastructure,” said Barb Huelskamp, senior vice president of channel sales at Alteryx. “By coupling Alteryx with the power of the cloud and the AWS Marketplace, every person in an organisation is empowered to easily transform data into a business breakthrough and achieve faster ROI with analytic automation.”

In fast-moving business environments, analysing growing volumes of increasingly complex data using separate tools hinders analytics processes and time to value. Customers who use Alteryx on AWS can prepare, investigate and model data faster and automate complex analysis with a single user experience, thanks to the unified self-service analytics platform running in a simple and scalable data environment. As a result, analysts and citizen data scientists alike can uncover business insights at scale, regardless of coding ability.

“Given that most organisations in Asia Pacific believe that data analytics is crucial for staying performant[1], it is important to empower the workforce with analytics capabilities to increase overall organisational performance and efficiency to drive insights-driven breakthroughs with agility and scalability. With Alteryx Analytic Process Automation Platform, including Alteryx Designer and Alteryx Server, now available on AWS Marketplace, organisations can easily access our unified analytic process automation platform to gain real-time business-critical insights,” said Julian Quinn, senior vice president at Alteryx, APJ.

Alteryx customer Talent Plus, an internationally recognised talent consulting firm with more than 400 clients in 30 countries, needed a tool that would address the growing list of technology issues they felt were blocking speedy, effective access to company data. They quickly wove Alteryx into day-to-day data integration and blending requests and were impressed with the ease and speed with which traditional tasks could be done. Alteryx enabled them to fully create a flexible data warehouse with Amazon Redshift that could accept intricate data from the legacy system with increased build speed during initial construction, affirming how Alteryx enables fast, seamless Amazon Redshift performance. With this deployment, Talent Plus created a robust data warehouse that drastically cut down the time necessary for basic data requests, enabling them to become more self-sufficient by running their own analytic queries, all while fostering a culture of innovation throughout multiple departments at the company.

As an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), Alteryx offers easy access to data and analytics across cloud, on-prem and hybrid sources, including seamless integration with Athena, Redshift and Aurora. This gives customers an easy way to access and analyse all of their data and to drive faster business outcomes through analytic automation. Now, more than 310,000 active AWS Marketplace customers can purchase Alteryx Designer and Alteryx Server under a consolidated spend as a single bill from AWS. Customers are also now able to get the value of Alteryx as part of their AWS enterprise discount program (EDP).

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