De-wrinkle your favorite outfits with ease with the Philips All-in-One 8000 Series

De-wrinkle your favorite outfits with ease with the Philips All-in-One 8000 Series

Philips Domestic Appliances has launched the Philips All-in-One 8000 Series, the complete all-in-one solution that will effortlessly simplify your routine. The combination of steam and iron technology provides an innovative mix of absolute precision and powerful performance; it couldn’t be easier to use and will help you keep up with today’s fast-paced life, while keeping creases at bay.

Designed with easy use in mind, the modern and intuitive design of the Philips AiO 8000 Series features an integrated multi-angle board for those hard to reach to areas, while the professional Dual Heating technology generates strong continuous steam to ensure fast, high-quality results on every type of garment. Gone are the days of owning a separate ironing board and steamer: The Philips AiO 8000 Series offers great results with zero hassle.

The All-in-One solution for zero ironing hassle

The integrated, tapered multi-angle board of the Philips AiO 8000 Series can be pivoted to any position, allowing you to iron even the most difficult areas, items and clothes with ease. The top hook conveniently hangs your garments from a clothes hanger and easily folds away when not in use. In order to speed up your results, the board cover features four protective layers to

prevent drips when using the board at different angles, resulting in the perfect wrinkle-free garment every time.

The ironing head automatically switches to standby mode when the water tank is empty, offering peace of mind when left unattended. Store the ironing head in the handy rotatable dock so you always have it within reach. Wherever you choose to de-wrinkle, the integrated wheels enable you to easily transport the device around the home to wherever you need it.

Convenience meets power

The Philips AiO 8000 Series with professional Dual Heating technology generates powerful continuous steam at a rate of 90g/min and is ready to use in just 90 seconds to make fast work of all your ironing. The Philips AiO 8000 Series can even be used on your most delicate and most valued outfits, from cotton to delicate silk, as OptimalTEMP technology guarantees no burns on all ironable fabrics. In addition to de-wrinkling your clothes, the steam also refreshes your outfits. Continuous steam removes odors and kills 99.9% of bacteria and dust mites*.

With the De-Calc Technology, the Philips AiO 8000 Series has an innovative engine which prevents scale from building up which means that it does not need to be descaled regularly to ensure optimal performance.  This also ensures a longer product lifetime.

“At Philips Domestic Appliances, we understand the reality of the daily challenges consumers may face when it comes to juggling work, family, social life and household tasks,” said Aw Ee Ling, Marketing Lead, Philips Domestic Appliances Singapore, Malaysia & Emerging Markets. “That is why the Philips AiO 8000 Series is designed for those who are very busy and want fast results. What’s more, it is easy to use, safe and reliable.”

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