CardsPal introduces in-app gamification to create a fun and engaging user experience

CardsPal introduces in-app gamification to create a fun and engaging user experience

PRNewswire – CardsPal, a local credit card comparison and deals aggregator app, has added a new dimension to enhance the user experience – in-app challenges.

Aligned with CardsPal’s goal of being a trusted financial tool for credit card deal hunters, the app has lined up a series of engaging in-app missions to enable users to learn about features they can use to best leverage their credit cards while having fun. 

Now, users can look forward to a new, exciting series of in-app challenges, including saving deals, adding cards on the app, and using the Cardculator – an app feature that recommends the right card to get the most rewards for each purchase, and estimates the cashback for each spend. 

The in-app missions are designed to help users enjoy the process of learning about the latest deals and app features, empowering them to gain the maximum savings and rewards based on their unique lifestyles.

Completion of challenges will earn users coins. The app is looking to include strategic partners, such as financial institutions and merchants, to expand the spectrum of rewards available to users.

Cultivating engagement through entertainment 

Chief Product Officer and co-founder of CardsPal, Richard Lu, says, “Everyone learns better through fun and enjoyable processes, rather than rote learning. That is the inspiration behind our newest project – to enable users to learn more about the app’s unique and useful features through fun challenges.”  

He adds, “Users earn coins for completing daily check-ins and other exciting missions. Instead of having an app where users check in occasionally, our goal is to develop an app that continually adds value to our users throughout their consumer journey, allowing us to foster a long-term relationship with them.”

What to expect from the fast-growing fintech app

CardsPal aims to build a dynamic marketplace that facilitates omnichannel deal discovery and a seamless transaction experience.

Towards the end of the year, there will be a few more exciting app capabilities launched, which includes enabling users to start transacting on the app, and other gamification features.

In addition, users get exclusive welcome gifts upon successful application of selected cards through CardsPal.

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