Habitap launches first-ever subscription-based home & office model, Habitap

Habitap launches first-ever subscription-based home & office model, Habitap ONE

Habitap, Asia’s first fully integrated smart living management system, has announced the launch of the first-ever subscription-based access management solution, Habitap ONE. Bridging all the current gaps in smart living, Habitap ONE is set to revolutionise the way people access homes and offices with a never before seen future-proofed access management solution. With an intuitive user interface, the cloud-driven platform meets the needs of our fast-changing market for smarter security, making it truly seamless with minimal set-up and low cost of entry for all.

Condominium Management Councils, office building owners, and Managing Agents that implement Habitap One will dramatically see increases in productivity, and savings in costs. Through this subscription-based platform, homes and offices will be able to move away from the complexity of smart living while keeping costs to a minimum. Physical access cards will no longer be required, guest registrations no longer need to be managed manually and waiting time is dramatically reduced through the integrated app.

Franklin Tang, founder of Habitap said, “Habitap is known for providing intelligent cloud-based solutions that offer convenience, connectivity and control in the smart living space. Now, with Habitap ONE, we are excited to reshape the way we interact with the home or office, and bring the ‘smart’ to millions globally. Habitap ONE is truly a future-proofed management solution that aligns with Habitap’s vision to bring the convenience of smart technology to everyone.”

Habitap ONE aims to redefine smart living with one tap by making it simple, fuss-free and affordable for all through subscription-based model.

Habitap ONE caters to Home and Office

Habitap ONE Home A flexible pay-per-use subscription, with a cost as low as SGD$3.99 per house unit per month, Habitap ONE Home is an all-in-one management portal, which includes features like Resident AccessVisitor ManagementVisitor Web Intercom and Instant Pass, for residents to manage all security and access systems, anytime and anywhere. For SGD$7.99 per home unit per month, Habitap will provide an Apple iPad* to be used with the Visitor Web Intercom System. With both subscription plans, free installation and technical support are included for the duration of the subscription to ensure seamless maintenance and uninterrupted service. 

Habitap ONE’s daily cloud back-ups also ensure data is easily recoverable. Habitap ONE’s digital access is backed by its own Secure Authentication Technology with the use of QR Codes and/or HID Mobile Access . With sustainability and accessibility in mind, Habitap ONE eliminates the use of physical access cards, hardware maintenance cost and paper-based log books by migrating residential management into one seamless application. 

For more information on Habitap ONE Home, visit here.

*Disclaimer: The word marks “Apple” and “iPad” are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions. Habitap Pte Ltd and the products and services offered by Habitap Pte Ltd are not endorsed or sponsored by, and are in no way associated with Apple Inc. 

Habitap ONE Office 

Commercial buildings and offices can look to Habitap ONE Office. The app delivers connectivity and convenience with features such as Staff AccessVisitor Access and Visitor Web Intercom to both business owners and building managers.  

With a subscription based fee as low as SGD$1 per company employee per month and a one-time cost of SGD$800 per hardware reader per door, Habitap ONE increases productivity with an all-in-one management portal that uses the latest technology. The access management solution also includes real-time updates to ensure that users are attended to promptly with 24/7 hour support. With free installation and software support included for the duration of the subscription, Habitap ONE brings all building management essentials into one mobile app. 

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