Rackspace Technology Activates Data for Modern Enterprises with its Announcement of Rackspace DataOps

Rackspace Technology Activates Data for Modern Enterprises with its Announcement of Rackspace DataOps

Rackspace Technology®, a leading end-to-end, multicloud technology solutions company, has announced the launch of Rackspace DataOps – expanding its new Rackspace Elastic Engineering model to Data. Customers can now leverage process maturity provided by Rackspace Technology, agile delivery and Fanatical Experience™ to accelerate the delivery of trusted, high-quality data to business leaders, data scientists, employees, partners, and applications. 

Delivering the right data to the right application at the right moment is foundational to driving innovation, including establishing new business models and revenue streams, engaging with customers, gaining deep insights into supply chains, and optimizing workflows.

“83% of respondents to 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise (VotE): Data & Analytics, Data Management & Analytics 2020 survey stated that their company is at some stage of investment in DataOps, with more than a third having defined and established a DataOps strategy,” according to Matt Aslett, Research Director for 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Data technologies are evolving quickly, making traditional long-term planning both risky and inefficient. Investing in DataOps accelerates the design, development, and deployment of new data streams into the data architecture so teams can rapidly implement and frequently update solutions based on evolving business needs.

Rackspace Technology achieves predictable delivery and change management of data, data models and related artifacts with its Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Data, the foundational service of Rackspace DataOps. Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Data provides access to a pod of data specialists via a modern managed service model that improves operational efficiency and enables innovation by offering the following:

  • “Do with” Approach: Our Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Data pod works in an agile, sprint-based model right alongside your team.
  • Consistent Team: No matter which tier of hours you use each month, you will always work with the same pod that knows you, your environment and your business.
  • Flexible, Tiered Pricing: Purchase ‘fractional access to your pod via straightforward hours-based tiers and scale up and down monthly should your business needs change.
  • Multi-faceted skill sets: The Rackspace Elastic Engineering Pod for Data consists of an engagement manager, data architects and engineers working together as one unit.
  • Ongoing Innovation: Rackspace Technology leverages leading cloud platforms tools and frameworks to deliver progressive improvement, enablement and transformation.

​​​​Data Pipeline Management for 24/7 data pipeline monitoring, management and support is available as an optional add-on service for Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Data

“Rackspace DataOps Managed Services provide an agile and automated, process-oriented methodology combined with world-class support to improve the quality and reduce the cycle time of data analytics,” said Jeff DeVerter, CTO Solutions at Rackspace Technology. “This is important for our customers because it drives greater value from data by empowering business leaders with the possibilities of both live and predictive analytics from across their organization.”

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