Xencelabs Pen Tablet officially launches in Singapore

Xencelabs Pen Tablet officially launches in Singapore

Based in Portland, Oregon, the newly created, Xencelabs, is made up of a group of digital design team who are passionate about delivering the best digital drawing tools to support Artists and Designers to bring their creativity to life.

From the beginning, the Xencelabs teams have worked in partnership with industry leading creatives to design intuitive tools that meet the growing demand for an alternative solution that answers their needs and wants in terms of the creative process. Our mission accomplished – with a minimal and intuitive design. The Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium prioritizes comfort and superior drawing experience, faster workflow and value-added accessories at an affordable price.

Designed for Professional Creatives

The quality of the drawing experience begins where the pen meets the drawing tablet surface. The new Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium offers a clean and minimalist design without unnecessary keys, enabling the users to fully benefit from the 16:9 drawing area. With only 8mm thickness, it features a seamless and gently curved palm rest for optimal comfort and a natural drawing experience. 

To meet a large range of artistic preferences, the Xencelabs device is the only pen tablet on the market that comes standard out of the box with two battery-free pens of different diameters. The Xencelabs Thin Pen + eraser comes with 2 customizable buttons and end point or eraser.  The Xencelabs 3-button Pen + eraser comes with an opportunity to customize and use this pen for middle click features like a mouse or benefit to utilize this pen for 3D work and 2D work, switching through your projects seamlessly. Both pens also support 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, tilt recognition, and virtually no lag.

The Quick Keys to Success

Some artists love to use shortcuts. Others use their keyboard or don’t use them at all in their creative process. The Xencelabs Quick Keys™ is an “optional” remote accessory which gives 5 sets of 8 keys for a total of 40 customizable shortcuts, for each application you utilize. This is particularly useful to make logical key groupings for specific steps in your design workflow. The OLED display is a featured item on the Quick Keys™. You can now visually see the set assignment of each key and the Quick Keys™ on the display, which can be used in a portrait or landscape mode.

The most cost-effective and ready-to-use package 

Set to empower Creative Professionals, the Xencelabs pen tablet offers all the essential accessories so that Artists can unleash their full creativity right away.

The standard pack (SGD459.00) includes:  Pen Tablet Medium, 2 pens – Thin Pen and 3-Button Pen, 10 extra nibs (5 Standard, 5 felt), the nib extractor, a USB C adaptor, the USB dongle and cable, a drawing glove, and a 4 pocket carrying sleeve.

Additionally, the medium bundle which includes the Pen Tablet, 2 pens and the Quick Keys™ remote controller is available at SGD589.00 on the Xencelabs Estore.

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