PitchMark Redefines Protection and Respect of Intellectual Property Rights of Innovators with pitchmark.net

PitchMark Redefines Protection and Respect of Intellectual Property Rights of Innovators with pitchmark.net

PitchMark, the company that helps protect innovators from having their material used without accreditation and recipients of creative pitches from having to pay pitch fees, has announced the launch of its secure web-based solution, pitchmark.net. The new enhanced solution fortifies its commitment to the movement that allows original idea generators and clients to work together in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.

PitchMark continues to provide a tangible way for sell-side innovators, creative agencies, and independents to deter idea theft, and provide the client-side companies a platform to showcase their commitment to respect the intellectual property (IP) rights of their suppliers.

Innovators can claim their work as their own for free at pitchmark.net by PitchMarking their ideas, concepts, proposals, designs, scripts and even music and other creative media before they share it with clients. A date stamped PitchMark certificate with a unique serial number can be sent to clients together with the assets in a compressed folder, or embedded within the documents.

The enhanced solution also includes access to ‘The PitchMark Global Legal Network’. PitchMark-registered innovators are partnered with registered legal counsel whom they can call on as trusted partners to help pursue a legal claim when the need arises.   

Respect and protection of IP is one of the key environmental, social and corporate governance issues today. Amidst today’s knowledge-based economy and challenging economic environment, it is critical for businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises to have effective protection of their IP to help boost their market competitiveness.

Nan Eliana, founder of medical communications agency Bridges M&C, supports the PitchMark movement as one with the potential to help creative ecosystems flourish. “A movement and service like PitchMark can help educate both creatives and the clients who buy ideas from them about the value of IP and how to protect it, and establish a safe space where creatives and clients can trust and learn from each other,” says Nan. “Walking a mile in each other’s shoes can help shift the dynamics of client-agency relationships from that of acrimony to that of mutual support and respect.”

“IP is one of the most, if not the most valuable asset any innovator can own. Misappropriation of ideas is an inherent problem and IP protection is vital in safeguarding them for business success,” said Mark Laudi, managing partner at PitchMark LLP. “The new pitchmark.net serviceenables innovators to protect their ideas for free and we urge all innovators to do so. We forge ahead with our mission to champion protection of IP rights of innovators and be the change driver to drive a community that allows people to transact in an environment of trust, respect, and certainty.”

In conjunction with World Intellectual Property Day 2021, PitchMark is a sponsor of the 9th global edition of the World IP Forum, which is taking place virtually from April 26 to May 5, 2021. PitchMark’s panel discussing cases studies of IP infringement in Southeast Asia will stream on April 29 at 8:29am EST.

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