Cultivating Asia's Next Generation of Data Scientists

Cultivating Asia’s Next Generation of Data Scientists

By: Nick Lim, General Manager, APJ, TIBCO

Data earned its title as the world’s next ‘most valuable commodity’ this year as companies managed disruption and new economic realities. Despite an overabundance of continuous data at their fingertips, most companies still lack the internal resources to harness it in real time with well-honed data science skills in short supply. Adopting data management solutions and automating data-related tasks are effective in narrowing the gap, but only solve part of the problem now that companies’ needs have expanded beyond just data analysis. Now every functional department needs professionals who can address data challenges, are trained to connect the dots in real time, and can turn these insights into action from day one. 

Spreading advanced analytics skills 

For universities and technical institutes, exposing students to the true value of data and ensuring that they have the skills to act on its insights can be complicated to accomplish and involve multiple technologies. Through TIBCO’s Academic Alliance program, schools can offer students access to the end-to-end data solutions that help turn insights into action in real world scenarios. Institutions in more than 60 countries, including six in Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam, have partnered with TIBCO to offer advanced analytics training to students. An undergraduate business analytics degree program at Indonesia’s Binus University will also begin in September 2021. 

Access to TIBCO analytics tools are not limited to IT departments and include partnerships to offer diplomas in business analytics and data science, marketing analytics, and data engineering across university departments. Educators also receive resources and training to stay current. With the capacity to extend up to 2,000 licenses per school year, universities that offer students an opportunity to use TIBCO’s advanced analytics solutions in courses give their students an advantage in the job market and earn a reputation as a key destination to find top talent. The program also fosters opportunities for students to solve real corporate issues from enterprise partners, which builds the advanced data analytics capabilities that are urgently needed today in the workforce. 

TIBCO also focuses on upskilling professionals through the Academic Alliance program. Continuing education students in Taiwan attending the Analytics Center at Yuan Ze University obtain essential career skills on data analytics for IoT applications. Our work with Singapore Polytechnic has expanded from developing data analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) knowledge to providing technical materials on data analytics and the open source ecosystem Project Flogo™ through the school’s entrepreneurship center SPINOFF. Partnerships with organizations such as SheLovesData also help to support continuous learning. 

Addressing the talent shortage in the data science field requires close collaboration between the public and private sectors. Learning how to apply the latest technologies in real-world settings will prepare professionals to adapt to evolving data demands and drive economic development in the region. 

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