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Progress Global Hackathon Challenges Developers to Build Apps to Make the World a Better Place

Progress, the leading provider of products to develop, deploy and manage high-impact business applications, has announced The Worthy Web, a virtual six-week hackathon, challenging developers across the world to create web apps that help people lead better lives, stay connected, and contribute to society during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

The hackathon kicks off today and closes on May 24. It features a total of $40,000 in cash prizes distributed in multiple categories.

“The Worthy Web aims to inspire developers to use their skills and the power of technology to build apps that will make the world a better place,” said Sara Faatz, Director, Developer Relations, Progress. “Whether it is apps that help people cope with the realities of living in a pandemic, connect restaurants with local shelters, help to make services accessible to those with disabilities, or anything related to betterment of the community or our world, the hackathon is part of our mission to enable the developer community to do well and have a positive impact on the world.”

Developers can enter the hackathon at any time over the six-week period. The apps they create should be for the good of humanity and built leveraging Progress’ industry-leading developer tools. Winners will be selected based on the apps’ positive impact on the world or the community, quality of the idea, overall execution and implementation and use of the Progress developer tools in one of nine categories: “Best Use of Telerik® UI for Blazor,” “Best Use of Telerik® UI for Angular” and “Best Use of KendoReact™” and others. 

Winners will be announced on June 9.

Along with the hackathon, Progress will launch a Weekly Worthy Web Show that will feature practical tips on how to build “Worthy Web” apps and will host discussions on topics like accessibility, overcoming unconscious bias and ethical design in app development. The show, which will take place on the popular video streaming platform Twitch, aims to encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing and creativity among those joining the hackathon. 

For more information about The Worthy Web and how to enter the hackathon, visit

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