Invenio Genetics and Imagene Labs Grow Partnership to Bring Inclusive Ancestry-Based Genetic Risk Scores to U.S. Market

Invenio Genetics and Imagene Labs Grow Partnership to Bring Inclusive Ancestry-Based Genetic Risk Scores to U.S. Market

Personalized health care provider Invenio Genetics and Singaporean partner Imagene Labs announced an enhanced collaboration in the development of an improved DNA analysis offering.  Through the new partnership, Imagene Labs’ patented ancestry-based polygenic risk scoring bioinformatics system will power Invenio Genetics’ GeneFolio® Fitness & Nutrition DNA analysis, increasing accuracy for currently underrepresented health populations. 

Understanding one’s unique genetic pre-disposition risk tendencies is vital in ensuring the best and correct steps are taken to optimize health and well-being.  However, one of the most significant gaps in preventive health and wellness DNA analysis currently is the predominantly European/Non-Hispanic White information that most companies’ genetic databases are sourced from – reportedly nearly 80 percent.  Yet studies have increasingly shown that different ancestries or ethnic groups inherently have different genetic risk profiles. For example, approximately 21% of Europeans have genetic predisposition to be at risk for some form of Vitamin D deficiency, whereas the East Asian at-risk group for the same deficiency is double that number. This is one of many examples that underscore the necessity for genetic assessments to include real genetic diversity to improve accuracy.

Imagene Labs’ genetics risk scoring bioinformatics system uses machine-learning tools and genetic datasets from all five of the world’s primary ethnic groups (East Asian, South Asian, Latin American, European and African), and bridges market gaps by offering improved precision in human genetics assessment results.

Invenio Genetics’ GeneFolio® Fitness & Nutrition DNA test harnesses this technology by analyzing more than 1,000 genetic variations related to 20 fitness traits and 30 nutrition and diet factors. This includes an individual’s response to exercise, their risk for obesity, and risk for certain nutrient, vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  These insights provide valuable information on how to personalize and design the right fitness training and nutritional intake to attain personal goals.

Micaela Fitzpatrick, spokesperson for Invenio Genetics, stated, “We’re proud to partner with Imagene Labs for their accurate and inclusive bioinformatics system.  Incorporating racial and ethnic diversity in our genetic analysis gives our patients, health systems and their customers truly tailored fitness, nutrition and weight management strategies optimized for each individual.”

Dr. Wong Mun Yew, founder and managing director of Imagene Labs, shares, “Inclusivity and diversity is in our DNA. Our entry into the U.S. began through our collaboration with Avera Health, an owner of the Innovation Institute, in mid-2019.  We are excited that this partnership has grown to include nationwide providers and payors networks through Invenio Genetics. We believe this marks the initial stage of an exciting journey to be the leading bioinformatics analysis provider for precision health in the health care market in America.”

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