Snap Inc. released findings from a survey aimed at understanding the Snapchat Generation. From this global survey, more than 8,200 respondents across five APAC countries – Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, and India – took part in this research.

Anubhav Nayyar, Director of Market Development for SEA, at Snapsaid: “We found that the Snapchat Generation is particularly unique in Asia-Pacific. They are characterized by a strong desire for authenticity in their offline and online personas. This bracket of people is also highly cognizant of the social issues of today, and look towards harnessing their creativity, empathy, and digital tools at their command to impact the change they want to see in this world.”

Keen need for authenticity online

According to the survey, the Snapchat Generation in APAC wants to be recognized, seen, and heard for who they are and for their presence on digital media to reflect their true selves.

70% of APAC Snapchatters value authenticity in their expressions online, compared to 58% of non-Snapchatters. In addition, 8 out of 10 of APAC Snapchatters find it important for them to form their own opinions without the influence of others.

Fulfilled and optimistic

While half of Snapchatters (53%) in this region (APAC) feel stress on a weekly or daily basis, this group is also more likely to report feeling hopeful (1.2x), happy (1.5x), excited (1.6x) and fulfilled (1.7x) compared to non-Snapchatters.

Seven in 10 feel like they have control over their lives. Likewise, three-quarters of the Snapchat Generation here feel optimistic as they work to build a better world and a personally fulfilling life for themselves.

Strong dedication to their causes

The Snapchat Generation in APAC is 1.2x more likely than non-Snapchatters to agree that their actions can make a difference. Malaysia and Indonesia lead in this region, with 84% and 83% of them reporting that they are more likely to contribute to charity more than in the past.

One in two of the Snapchat Generation globally also say they are less likely to buy from a brand that chooses to promote the opposite side on social issues that matter to them. This finding is echoed in APAC, where Snapchatters are 1.2x more willing to shop from brands they like – even if they are less convenient.

Appreciation for digital communication and immersive technologies

With a variety of digital communication tools at their fingertips, the Snapchat Generation is not confined to traditional methods of communication. Like their global peers, Snapchatters in APAC favor communicating with pictures than words. The top five ways Snapchatters in APAC communicate without words are photos (78%), emojis/emoticons (75%), videos/video messages (59%), video calling (58%), and stickers (57%).

Snapchatters in the region are also 1.5x more inclined than non-Snapchatters to gravitate to immersive video and mobile games, including Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. This has manifested in how Snapchatters use AR to try on products virtually, compared to non-Snapchatters.

The biggest disparity is seen in Japan, where 27% of Snapchatters use AR for product try-ons, compared to just 2% of non-Snapchatters in the country. Malaysia, on the other hand, has the smallest gap where 17% of Snapchatters and 9% of non-Snapchatters are already using the technology to trial products.

Powerful Spenders

As a group, Snapchatters hold a whopping $4.4 trillion global spending power, of which $708 million (or 16%) are in the five APAC countries surveyed. The spending power of the Snapchat Generation in APAC are RM 60 billion in Malaysia; Quadrillion Rupiah in Indonesia; 95 Billion AUD in Australia; 32 Trillion Rupee in India; and 3 Trillion Yen in Japan.

This generation is willing to outspend non-Snapchatters across every category, and they consider big and small brands equally. Once they are loyal to a brand, they incorporate it into their identity, using logos to signal to the world the values that they share with the brand. They are also 1.2x more likely than non-Snapchatters to go out of their way to support brands they like.

The Snapchat Generation in APAC is a future-defining force. Brands that successfully align with this generation’s values will be rewarded with loyalty and their approval.

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Mark Ko

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