SINGAPORE, 24 November 2020 – Tech Talent Assembly (TTAB), an NTUC affiliate, and Sparkline, a homegrown consultancy pioneering in digital analytics, have officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to be corporate and strategic partners, providing trainings to enable a digital-ready workforce. As part of the agreement, TTAB and Sparkline will focus on reskilling and upskilling local tech talent within the TTAB and wider NTUC community, through their many offerings, which include e-learning programmes and educational webinars in Singapore.

The objective of this partnership is to ensure aspiring tech talent are well-equipped with digital skills – such as digital literacy, analytics and more – that enable them to thrive in the digital economy, while helping Singapore cultivate tech talent required for a digital workforce. To date, a total of 200 TTAB members comprising individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses owners and tech innovators have benefited from the webinars hosted by Sparkline and TTAB.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of organisations, with data-driven culture being one of the key contributors on this journey. A global Gartner report noted that by 2023, data literacy will become an explicit and necessary driver of business value, demonstrated by its formal inclusion in over 80% of data and analytics strategies and change management programs. New roles blending IT and business functions, which require new digital skills, will emerge to better understand how to fully optimise these data and improve operations.

Additionally, PWC research found 81% of Singaporean respondents are willing and ready to upskill. Sparkline also noted an increase in individuals taking the initiative to reskill themselves, with a 144% increase in registration for courses compared to the beginning of 2020, before the global pandemic.

With the right course and learning opportunities, even Singaporeans without any tech background who are looking to pivot their career path can pick up new digital skills. Sparkline’s e-learning programmes are curated to ensure individuals from all walks of life have that opportunity to learn and build their tech careers or improve business operations with ease.

“TTAB’s partnership with Sparkline will provide our members with easy access to e-learning programmes and digital courses at exclusive and affordable pricings. This supports the TTAB’s mission in helping members stay relevant and employable in the fast-changing industry landscape,” said Ng Tiong Gee, President of TTAB.

Aleetza Senn, CEO and founder of Sparkline, said: “It is said that this year alone has accelerated Digital transformation forward by a decade! Whilst this has opened doors to many new opportunities for talent, it has also created huge skills and knowledge gaps that need to be filled by the talent in order to capitalise on these opportunities. Our partnership with TTAB allows us to reach passionate individuals and tech innovators to better equip and accelerate themselves to thrive in this transformed workforce. It is integral for each aspiring tech talent to fully understand the capabilities of data and technology in order to optimise them to make informed business decisions.”

The e-learning programmes provided by Sparkline under this partnership include:

  • Intro to Google Analytics Session: The program was initially developed by Sparkline for Google to train graduates to become digital analysts. Sparkline then evolved the program to align to the Digital Analytics Association competency framework, ensuring it covered all the necessary business applicable tools and techniques to kick start an Analytics Career. Intro to Google Analytics session was able to offer a taster to some of the online content available in Digital Data Academy.
  • Retooling the Workforce for a Data Driven World: A deep dive into understanding how data plays an important role to help individuals and businesses make informed decisions based on actionable insights.
  • (UPCOMING) Fireside chat with Aleetza as part of Techpreneur series: Participants will be able to gain first-hand opportunity to better understand what it takes to set up their own digital-first businesses.

Besides specific webinar series, TTAB members also have access to Sparkline’s Digital Data Academy at exclusive and affordable price points to further fuel their learning ambitions and develop more digital skills.

For more information on the available courses, please visit, or  for more details about the TTAB community.

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