Introducing LINE Meeting: Group Video Calls You Can Join by URL

Introducing LINE Meeting: Group Video Calls You Can Join by URL

SINGAPORE – August 7, 2020 – LINE Corporation has announced the launch of LINE Meeting, a new group call feature for the LINE app that allows users to access by URL, both via smartphone and PC, in groups of up to 500.

LINE Meeting is a free video call feature for the LINE app, ideal for creating impromptu meetings both for business and for fun – like online happy hours or coffee breaks – without the need to create a group chat room.

Users can create a meeting URL from a chat room in two simple steps, then invite friends via the URL or send the meeting URL to their chat rooms. Participants just click the shared link to join the meeting. It is also very easy to invite additional participants while a call is in progress.

LINE Meeting also comes with a Watch Together feature, enabling users to share their smartphone screens and YouTube videos while in group calls, as well as cool effects and filters. The smartphone version comes with 106 effects and 41 filters, and the PC version comes with 12 filters without having to download a separate app. Users can utilize the default background effects or set their own background to customize the screen appearance and add a personal touch (available for both smartphone and PC versions).

To ensure safety and security, LINE Meeting generates complex meeting URLs with 32 characters. In addition, calls cannot be joined by means other than the meeting URL, so users can feel assured that those who do not have the meeting URL will not be able to participate. Users can also the “Kick Out” feature to remove unwanted or abusive users from a meeting, further protecting your discussions.

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