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NextLifeBook – Patent-pending InsurTech launches Singapore’s First Estate Planning Marketplace

Patent-pending InsurTech (Insurance Tech) start-up NextLifeBook has launched Singapore’s first Estate Planning Marketplace – – following the earlier Digital Memories & Will Generation Freemium service – – for people to plan and compare Financial Advisors, Law firms, Palliative Care, Charities, Safe Storage and even planning for Pets demise.

Articles and videos of the thousands of listings will be produced and reviewed by editors and verified users over time, and paid content options are available for businesses and brands to feature on the site.

“We are very thankful to our Users, and to our partners for actively promoting and sharing our services as we develop NextLifeBook to be the leading Marketplace of Estate Planning,” said Chua Teck Hiong, Director and co-founder of NextLifeBook. “Many touching and heartwarming stories of people who departed and left behind instructions to surprise their spouses and children with messages, meal and gifts, really helped to bring memories as a service to new users,” he added.

NextLifeBook targets to be in 3 regional countries for 2021, and add Series A round of investors to
scale the business globally.