SINGAPORE, July 20, 2020 — Adjust, the global app marketing platform, has introduced a marketing automation solution, Adjust Automate, that helps businesses optimize mobile marketing campaigns. With a suite of automation tools that helps to centralize the monitoring of advertisements, automate changes in campaigns, and customize reports, Adjust Automate helps customers save time and effortlessly scale their marketing operations. 

Adjust Automate can easily generate reports across multiple apps, partners and networks, allowing marketers to centrally manage data for different ad campaigns, countries and networks from a single interface, and quickly analyze the KPIs needed to optimize campaign strategies. With easy access to campaign data, bids and budgets can be instantly changed to optimize campaigns. For even greater efficiency and full use of automation capabilities, spend on campaigns that do not meet the performance benchmark can be set to change automatically. This allows marketers to focus on strategic campaign management instead of time wasted on repetitive tasks.

Adjust Automate consists of three advanced solutions developed to meet the needs of marketers and user acquisition (UA) managers:

Control Center: Centralize and scale your campaign optimization

Adjust Automate allows users to view and modify bids and budgets for Facebook, Google Ads (UAC), Snapchat, Twitter and Apple Search Ads with the help of the Control Center. Using powerful API Partner (SAN) reporting capabilities, campaign attributes like bid and budget information can all be accessed in one single dashboard. Metrics that drive the business, such as Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) are fueled by cost and revenue data and can be viewed in Control Center. With the option to look into campaigns at granular levels, marketers can quickly decide, act and scale their best performing campaigns.

Rule Engine: Campaign optimization in a fraction of the time

Businesses can customize their digital marketing efforts with Adjust Automate by setting rules based on specific KPIs and performance goals. With this function, the system will automatically optimize bids and modify campaign budgets. Once rules are set, reviewed and approved, campaigns can flow automatically. Without the complexity of manual work, marketers can save time, avoid the risk of human error and focus more on creative strategies.

Report Automation

Teams can consolidate cost, gather attribution and revenue data, and customize KPI reports with the help of Adjust Automate’s Report Automation function. Using conditions to generate reports, marketers can instantly find specific campaigns, change bids and budgets with just a few clicks, and expand campaigns with high ROI and discontinue those with low ROIs.

“In the current economic climate, it is more crucial than ever for businesses to ensure that they meet their marketing goals in the most effective and efficient way possible. A tool like Adjust Automate enables us to support our customers by providing them with everything they need to grow their customer base and increase ROI for profitability as well as growth,” said April Tayson, Director, Southeast Asia at Adjust.

“It is important for marketers to be able to effortlessly find campaigns that meet marketing and performance goals. Adjust Automate allows  marketers to create rules to enforce automatic bid and budget changes, depending on whether the campaign reaches the benchmark set, leading to less time being spent on chasing KPIs and more time being utilized on creative strategy,” added Ms. Tayson.

If you would like to know more about Adjust Automate, you can reach out to for more information.

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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