Boomi Announces Blueprint Framework for Data Management: Proven Best Practices Enabling Boomi Customers to Achieve Faster ROI

SINGAPORE – July 15, 2020 – Boomi™, a Dell Technologies™ business, has announced Boomi Blueprint, a framework to ensure that customer’s digital ambitions are realized, implemented effectively and efficiently, thus enabling them to achieve faster ROI. The framework includes leadership guidance, design practice and implementation practices.

The Boomi Blueprint framework helps customers to ensure implementation is done right and efficiently, thus lowering implementation costs and lowering total cost of ownership. The framework further builds upon Boomi’s Integration Center of Excellence (ICoE) service, which was announced in February.

“Disruption is the new normal and responding smartly to it requires a flexible foundation of technologies and best practices to respond rapidly,” said Chris Port, Chief Operating Officer for Boomi. “Boomi Blueprint packages our years of best practices to help customers implement their digital platform in the right way, while giving them the guidance to prioritize key initiatives that will deliver the most significant improvements to the business. Peace of mind, faster ROI, and greater agility are all essential to thrive in this economy.”

Guidance for Business to be Successful Today

Boomi Blueprint services provide guidance based on proven practices. Blueprint services encompass: leadership guidance, design practices and implementation practices. This set of best practices provides companies with the ability to respond to disruptive forces and quickly adapt their digital platform towards desired business vision and outcomes.

Leadership Guidance

Leadership Guidance encompasses platform strategy service (integration, data, or both) and helps customers define their digital ambition, assess the current state and define the target state digital platform roadmap focused on people, process, and technology. In addition, Leadership Guidance provides the Digital Ideation Lab, a Boomi innovation pop-up lab where digital specialists will explore technologies, develop prototypes, and create reference architectures for rapid business deployment.

Design Practices

Design Practices include platform architecture and platform assurance. With platform architecture, Boomi aims to ensure that your organization receives the appropriate architecture and process guidance at critical stages of your integration platform as a service (iPaaS) implementation. Platform assurance is for existing customers and partners to ensure their existing implementation aligns with target state, roadmaps and standards, to match their digital ambition.

Implementation Practices

Every organization starts at a different point in the integration modernization journey and has unique strengths, opportunities, and constraints which need to be understood and factored into a modernize program. Boomi architects help enterprises build, manage, and grow an ICoE tailored for a more collaborative, community oriented, and innovative digital enterprise enabling modernization.

According to a global Vanson Bourne survey, 59 percent of organizations agree they have to get technology “right” over the next 12 months to ensure continued success and 86 percent say that technology will dramatically change the way their organizations operate over the next 10 years.

“Newfound challenges and ongoing digital goals have made the right technology mix a critical factor for businesses. As the Vanson Bourne data shows, among those technologies are low-code platforms, including iPaaS, which remove operational complexity to guide their recovery,” said Ajit Melarkode, Vice President Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) at Boomi. “Boomi Blueprint is a framework that has been developed to ensure our customers and partners are implementing and using the technology in the best way for their unique requirements to fast-track results and return on investment. Right now, businesses cannot afford to wait for outcomes – whether it’s onboarding staff en masse or launching new apps and services – Blueprint helps fast-track those projects.”

Boomi Blueprint framework best practices aligns with Lean Portfolio Management, Scaled Agile and DevOps helping companies to bring agility and innovation to market.

The Boomi Blueprint framework and its reference architecture is publicly available through Boomiverse™, Boomi’s user community.

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