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Adobe makes available resources during this COVID-19

Adobe has made available some of its software so that you can work effectively at home, and your kids can also probably learn how to use some of their Creative Cloud software since you can’t go anywhere during this pandemic.

The move is part of Adobe’s way of supporting business continuity so that companies that have yet to digitise their processes can benefit from their solutions and not be inhibited by the lack of them.

So if you are running a business, here are what’s on offer:

  • Adobe Connect: The secure, feature-rich web conferencing platform is now available free for 90 days.   
  • Adobe PDF services: Web-based PDF services on made free through May 31, 2020, to help businesses create, convert and compress PDF files in seconds.
  • Adobe Acrobat: Shared collaboration of PDF documents free through Acrobat apps on desktop, web, and mobile.
  • Adobe Sign: Adobe Sign SMB and Enterprise 90-day extended trials are available for new users to replace paper-and-ink signature processes with fully automated electronic signature workflows.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Students now have free, personal in-home access to Adobe Creative Cloud in place of their schools’ in-classroom licenses through May 31, 2020. 
  • Magento Commerce & Marketo Engage: Brands can begin driving revenue before they start paying for their Magento Commerce, Marketo Engage or Bizinle implementations. Now companies have 3 free months to get up and running with no payments for the first 3 months of their new Magento Commerce, Marketo Engage or Bizible contract.

As for freelancers, Adobe has not forgotten about it. Talent, Portfolio and XD are all free through May 31. So make use of this period to get noticed.

  • Adobe Talent: To give the creative community access to as many job opportunities as possible through Adobe Talent on Behance, Adobe is making the service free to all companies and recruiters through May 31, 2020. As always, applying for jobs on Behance is completely free. 
  • Adobe Portfolio: Adobe Portfolio will be free to everyone through May 31, 2020. Users can start building their portfolio site today to receive free hosting plus unlimited pages. 
  • Adobe XD: For easy sharing of designs and prototypes, Adobe is providing unlimited access to the sharing and collaboration features on all XD plans, both free and paid, until October 2020.

Let’s stay home, stay productive and stay safe.

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