1 April, 2020, Singapore – Leading global smart device provider OPPO today announced the launch of the latest in its creative Reno series, the Reno3, island-wide, bringing an enhanced photography experience to Singaporeans.

Following last year’s success of its predecessors, the Reno and Reno2, which introduced the iconic pop-up ‘sharkfin’ selfie-camera, and periscope-design telephoto lens that allows for 10x hybrid zoom, the Reno3 series packs OPPO’s latest technology advancement and outstanding photography into the world’s first 44MP + 2MP Dual Punch-hole Super AMOLED Display.

Through the Reno Series, OPPO has achieved a well-balanced combination of technology and creativity. With powerful photography settings, the Reno3 Series is set to deliver the performance of “clear in every shot”, under any lighting.

In daylight, the phone’s camera will capture more detail, while dim-light photography will no longer be challenging thanks to the phone’s Ultra Dark Mode.

Coupled with video mode, made simpler and smarter than ever, the Reno3 series is set to empower users to discover, and capture more beauty in life, through innovation and technology.

Reno3 Series brings crystal clear photos in all lighting conditions

The latest in OPPO’s creative Reno series, the Reno3 Series features both the Reno3 and the Reno3 Pro. Powered by the all new ColorOS 7, the Reno3 Pro will have the world’s first 44MP + 2MP Dual Punch-Hole Camera on OLED screen, which not only makes it lighter and slimmer but it also delivers next-level photography performance.

The Reno3 Pro is the ideal phone for anyone looking to capture great images under any lighting condition. The 44MP Primary Camera delivers high-definition selfies the capture details such as people’s facial texture and ornaments. Application of binocular bokeh with the front primary camera and bokeh camera will bring even better selfie performance. The dual punch-hole design does not only improve on selfie-taking, but also offers excellent hands-on experience. It is lighter and thinner, but perfectly fits in the hand.

Both phones feature Optical-Flow Sub-Pixel Registration which matches and calibrates the sub-pixels on different frames to generate a lower-pixel original image with more information. With Subpixel Interpolation, the original image then becomes a high-resolution image of up to 108MP.

The Reno3 comes with 48MP Ultra-Clear Main Camera, 8MP Ultra Wide-Angle lens that captures 109-degree images, 13MP Telephoto lens, and 2MP Mono lens, while the Reno3 Pro comes with a 64MP Zoom Quadcam which includes a 64MP Ultra-clear Main Camera, 13MP Telephoto Lens, 8MP Ultra Wide-Angle lens and 2MP Mono Lens creating the clearest images. In the front, the Reno3’s 44MP Ultra-Clear Main Camera and Reno3 Pro’s 44MP+2MP Dual Punch-hole, deliver high-definition selfies that capture the authentic details of user’s facial texture while making everyone appear natural and beautiful.

Further Breakthroughs Based on Powerful Zoom Technology

Reno3 Series raises the bar of mobile photography with revolutionary zooming performance. Since the first Reno series, OPPO has been making consistent long-term investment in zooming technology evolution.

Reno3 Pro will carry on the series’ mission to bring more technology from the lab to everyday life. The 2x optical zoom, 5x hybrid optical zoom and the maximum of 20x digital zoom on Reno3 Pro can generate clear images with little noise in all focal lengths in photo mode. With optimization on multiple aspects, it can provide a clear view of text within a 10m distance.

Powerful 64MP Zoom Quadcam with Ultra Dark Mode

Reno3 Pro is packed with 64MP Zoom Quadcam, making it extremely versatile and enabled to answer well to different shooting requirements in life scenarios. The powerful 64MP Ultra-clear Main Camera allows photos to have wider zoom range, containing clearer details.

The AI-powered Ultra Dark Mode is also significantly increased from Reno2, making photo taking in dim light much easier, empowering everyone to take clear night shots of what human eyes can’t see. Popular scenarios are upgraded based on OPPO’s customer observation.

For the first time, OPPO has added Ultra Night Mode algorithm in the front cameras. As taking selfie at night is a popular scenario for young explorers, Ultra Night Selfie Mode guarantees them to capture the facial clarity and brightness in dim light.

Ultra Clear 108MP Image Presents All Kind of Details

Reno3 Pro will present Ultra Clear Image up to 108MP; Apart from the 64MP Ultra-clear Main Camera, Reno3 Pro is the industry pioneer in using advanced software to level up the image quality. The Ultra Clear 108MP Image on Reno3 Pro will show you the life captures with extreme clarity and high quality. With the improvements on the dynamic range, details will be perfectly represented on your screen.

As with its predecessors, the Reno3 series also comes packed with Ultra Steady Video 2.0, making the truly phone ideal for content creators.

Sales Information

  • The Reno3 and Reno3 Pro will be available for pre-order from 1st to 9th April on the OPPO Shopee Flagship Store, and will be available in Singapore from Friday, 10th April island wide.
  • The Reno3 will be available in Midnight Black and Sky White with 8GB RAM and 128 ROM and will be priced at S$549 at launch, with pre-order price at S$499 with a pair of free OPPO Enco Q1 (worth S$179) as pre-order gift.
  • The Reno3 Pro will come in Auroral Blue and Midnight Black with 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM and will be priced at S$749 at launch, with a pair of free OPPO Enco Wireless Buds (worth S$189) as pre-order gift.[1]
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