Arlo unveils next-gen pro series with the all-new Pro 3 security camera system

ARLO commits to consumer privacy with privacy pledge

Arlo unveils next-gen pro series with the all-new Pro 3 security camera system

SINGAPORE — Jan. 8, 2020 — Arlo Technologies, Inc., the #1 internet-connected camera brand, announced the introduction of the Arlo Privacy Pledge, underscoring its long-standing promise that puts users’ privacy first. Since day one of Arlo’s inception, Arlo’s products and services have been designed with an inherent commitment to protect and connect people to the things they love most, which Arlo believes includes a user’s right to privacy of their personal information. Arlo’s Privacy Pledge can be viewed now at

“Recent news reports have called some companies into question surrounding their real-world behaviour versus their stated privacy policy,” said Matt McRae, CEO. “At Arlo, we believe privacy is crucial and central to the concept of a security solution. As such, our only business is providing security and peace of mind. We don’t capture user data for advertising or sell it to third parties, we don’t view or keep data without consent, and we don’t volunteer user data to law enforcement. These are standards that were established since the launch of our first Arlo camera, and we’re proud to reaffirm our user privacy commitment with the Arlo Privacy Pledge.”

Details surrounding the commitments outlined in Arlo’s Privacy Pledge include:

OWNERSHIP – Your personal data belongs to you and you alone.

  • We don’t sell your data.
    • We never sell your information to third parties. Your data is used to deliver the Arlo services, Arlo functionality, and any related services or functionality that you affirmatively choose and nothing else.
  • We don’t share your data.
    • We never share your data, including videos, without your consent or a court order to do so. If there is a request by law enforcement for your videos, we require a legally enforceable search warrant or other equivalent court order mandating that Arlo turn over the videos to law enforcement.

CONTROL – Your data is for your eyes only.

  • We give you all the control.
    • We store your videos in the Arlo cloud only for the duration of your chosen Arlo plan. After that, your videos are automatically and permanently deleted or cleaned from the Arlo cloud.
  • We support privacy legislation.
    • Our comprehensive privacy policy is built to empower you to make decisions about your data and determine who has access. Our policy and practices generally implement the controls and concepts of various new privacy legislation, including the California Consumer Privacy Act and the General Data Protection Regulation.

PROTECTION – We protect your private moments.

  • We keep your data safely secured.
    • We support industry-leading methods and practices to ensure your account is completely secure, such as two-factor authentication and access approval for all new devices to verify it’s really you. Your videos are encrypted to protect against malicious intent.
  • We made the security part of our culture.
    • We have implemented strict company-wide information security policies and procedures to ensure your privacy is protected. We support compliance with industry regulations and we also work with independent organisations to audit our services to help ensure we continue to meet the ever-evolving standards for cybersecurity.