Tata Communications provides Visteon with a fully managed software-defined wide-area network

Tata Communications provides Visteon with a fully managed software-defined wide-area network

Tata Communications provides Visteon with a fully managed software-defined wide-area network

Singapore, 19 November 2019 – Tata Communications, a leading global digital infrastructure provider, was recognized as a top supplier to Visteon Corporation, a global leader in automotive cockpit electronics, at Visteon’s Strategic Supplier Conference on Oct. 16 in Dearborn, Michigan. Tata Communications was named Best Indirect Supplier during an awards ceremony at The Henry Ford Museum, attended by more than 135 representatives from 65 global Visteon strategic suppliers, as well as senior leaders from Visteon. 

With a next-generation hybrid network and Tata Communications IZO™ SDWAN, Visteon has been able to become more agile without compromising security. This has led to enhanced customer experience, more seamless collaboration and greater business flexibility. It has also lowered the barriers for Visteon to expand to new geographies, including emerging markets like China.

Raman Mehta, Visteon Vice President and Chief Information Officer, said: “Visteon has been intensely focused on modernizing our network for the past two years. Tata Communications has been a trusted supplier partner during this journey. Tata Communications provides Visteon with a fully managed software-defined, wide-area network, or SD-WAN. Their capable handling of this activity allows Visteon to focus on developing customer-facing technology for the future. Similarly, by using Tata Communications’ globally managed UC platform, our design, engineering and manufacturing teams can collaborate more effectively and efficiently to achieve our strategic objectives.”

A new award for 2019, Best Indirect Supplier, recognized a supplier providing services not directly related to the design or production of Visteon products, but nonetheless critical to Visteon’s success.

“Our suppliers are critical to the success of Visteon as a technology-focused leader in cockpit electronics, especially as the cockpit becomes more digital and the industry transitions to electric and automated vehicles,” said Visteon President and CEO Sachin Lawande“Each of the suppliers recognized by Visteon has contributed significantly to our ability to develop and deliver innovative, high-quality solutions for global automakers – quickly and at competitive costs.”

“Global businesses need an agile, reliable digital infrastructure to enable them to operate more seamlessly and efficiently across country borders,” said Pathmal Gunawardana, Head of Americas, Tata Communications“The software-defined hybrid network and unified communications platform we are delivering for Visteon help the company focus on its innovation agenda, and enhance business flexibility as it explores new growth opportunities in new geographies worldwide. We are honoured to have been recognized by Visteon for our role in advancing the quality and technology of cockpit electronics in vehicles, which is one of the fastest-growing and most important segments in the automotive industry.”

Winning suppliers received a crystal award with an embedded 3D image of two hands clasped in a handshake – symbolizing the mutual cooperation and partnership between Visteon and its suppliers.