HUAWEI Launches OAID and Collaborate with Partners to Jointly Protect User Privacy

HUAWEI Launches OAID and Collaborate with Partners to Jointly Protect User Privacy

HUAWEI Launches OAID and Collaborate with Partners to Jointly Protect User Privacy

In the era of big data, driven by mobile Internet, user privacy protection has become a priority. In September, HUAWEI launched a new Open Advertising ID (OAID) solution to address an information security issue. The OAID solution ensures that user data privacy is not disclosed or stolen. With this solution, HUAWEI can work with partners to build an open and compliant smartphone ecosystem.

At the recent HUAWEI Developer Conference 2019, HUAWEI proposed the HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) Ecosystem and announced that it had shared HMS Core Kits, including Ads Kit, which is closely related to OAID with its partners. Aligned with the strategy of fully opening the HMS Core, HUAWEI has released OAID in the hope of continuously enabling global developers and partners to jointly accelerate the HMS Ecosystem construction and provide more comprehensive privacy protection for users in the 5G era.

OAID anonymizes your phone to ensure data privacy

As the mobile phone serial number, the IMEI can be used to identify each independent mobile communication device. The permanence of the IMEI also poses potential risks to privacy protection. As one of the functions of the HMS Core Ads Kit, the OAID launched by HUAWEI will replace the original IMEI and become a unique non-permanent device identifier in advertisement scenarios. The OAID provides personalized advertisements for users while respecting their privacy and protecting their personal data. In addition, the third-party monitoring platform can also provide advertisers with conversion attribution analysis.

The OAID is generated as soon as the device is started. Users can reset the advertisement identifier in the device settings to generate a new OAID. Developers will only be able to obtain the new OAID. This way, there will be no association between the device identifier and user information, making the mobile “anonymous” on the mobile Internet.

Cooperating with AppsFlyer and Adjust to build a secure HMS Ecosystem

Currently, HUAWEI has forged partnerships with industry-leading mobile marketing analytics and attribution companies, such as AppsFlyer and Adjust, to jointly protect user privacy.

Dr. Wang Wei, General Manager of AppsFlyer in China, said: “As a world leader in mobile marketing analytics and attribution that accounts for more than 70% of the global market, AppsFlyer fully supports OAID-based monitoring and will ensure that customers can obtain the same accurate data and user experience with future ad purchase and placement. AppsFlyer will continue to focus on the openness and development of HUAWEI’s HMS Ecosystem in the future. We will further our cooperation to improve customer service and product support and strive to build an open and compliant smartphone ecosystem.”

HUAWEI, as a vendor dedicated to building an open and compliant mobile phone ecosystem, has always attached great importance to data security and user privacy. At the AI Privacy Protection Forum hosted as part of this year’s China Internet Conference, HUAWEI, together with the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China Internet Association, Telecommunication Terminal Industry Association, as well as several other Chinese mobile phone manufacturers and Internet enterprises, jointly released the Mobile Smart Device Identification Service Platform.

OAID not only effectively protects user privacy, but also helps developers build a more open and compliant mobile Internet ecosystem. It will play a crucial role in promoting the healthy and rapid development of the mobile industry as a whole.