Beam rolls out the next-gen e-scooter designed for operating in AP region

Beam rolls out the next-gen e-scooter designed for operating in AP region

Beam rolls out the next-gen e-scooter designed for operating in AP region
The next-generation Saturn e scooter from Beam – powered by Segway. Source: Beam

Beam, Asia-Pacific’s leading homegrown micro-mobility provider, has introduced its next generation of e-scooters when it deploys the Saturn – powered by Segway – across Asia-Pacific markets in the coming months.

“At Beam, we believe that safety is a critical element of every e-scooter journey, which is why we focus on leveraging the latest tech, software and hardware to deliver safe, comfortable and convenient rides,” said Deb Gangopadhyay, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, Beam Mobility.

Safer, Tougher, Stronger 
Beam’s Saturn e-scooter is designed to deliver safe, tougher and stronger rides, across Asia’s diverse range of urban terrains. It features a larger aviation-grade aluminium alloy frame with a bigger, wider base and floorboard, and upgraded 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tyres, which offer improved shock-absorption. Riders will experience a smoother and more stable ride, even on rough surfaces or over speed bumps.

A powerful 350W rear-drive helps the e-scooter climb slopes in a sustainable manner, and a waterproof rating of IPX5 for the whole scooter makes the Beam Saturn tougher and stronger. The Beam Saturn will also include swappable batteries in addition to a standard built-in charger. This means that the Beam will have greater operating efficiency, and provide a more consistent available fleet on the streets.

The Saturn will be rolled out progressively across the Asia-Pacific region, gradually replacing Beam’s fleet of e-scooters. Together with Beam’s recently announced rider protection programme – which provides personal accident insurance coverage for all eligible Beam riders in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore – this is another step in Beam’s commitment to delivering a safer, more comfortable ride.

Innovating across hardware, software rider behavior
The adoption of the latest generation of e-scooters is aligned with the extensive work that Beam has already completed in localising rides for Asian users in an intuitive, natural way.

Beam has created innovative parking features that provide greater value for the rider and help ensure a cleaner city and a steady, reliable supply of e-scooters in high volume areas.

Gangopadhyay explained: “Beam is focused on using technology to make sharing easier. We strive to make it  possible for people to use and share our e-scooters in new and creative ways that benefit both the riders and the community”

Next Rider Incentive
Beam has pioneered a different kind of rider incentive. In specific Beam cities, riders will be rewarded by parking properly in high traffic areas. If a Beam Saturn is parked appropriately and used by another rider in under 2 hours the original rider will get Beam credits. This encourages proper parking in high volume areas and incentives the user to park the e-scooter efficiently.

Geo-fencing for a safer ride
Beam has developed a leading ability to control the e-scooter to suit the needs of communities. This includes the ability to remotely slow the e-scooter in parks and walking malls, stop the e-scooter when it enters dangerous locations and restrict the ability of the rider to end a trip in locations not suitable for parking. These features are designed to be implemented in with input and consultation from communities to ensure the best shared-mobility experience for both pedestrians and riders.