Astell&Kern Debuts Three New Hi-Fi Audio Portables For Audiophiles in Singapore

Astell&Kern, a global leader in portable high-resolution audio products, debuts three new products, including two new portable players, and a dedicated amplifier in Singapore. The new range of audio portables features new and improved performance, perfect for audiophiles and headphone enthusiasts. 

A&Ultima SP2000

Astell&Kern Debuts Three New Hi-Fi Audio Portables For Audiophiles in Singapore

A&Ultima SP2000 is the third and latest portable player released in the Astell&Kern A&Ultima range, after SP1000, SP1000M, and SP1000M Gold. The new SP2000 is the first Astell&Kern player to use separate, independent audio channels between the unbalanced and balanced outputs, creating more power than ever before – the ultimate audio experience audiophiles can look forward to. 

Arranged in a dual-mono configuration, SP2000 utilises two AKM AK4499EQ digital-to-analog converters (DACs) to create a wider soundstage and stronger stereo separation. The improved player has also been tuned to provide greater acoustic details, so your music sounds exactly like the original performance intended, without compromise. Additionally, SP2000 is powered by an Octa-Core CPU and offers twice the amount of internal storage at 512GB, as compared to its predecessors, allowing greater data space to store your favourite music. 

Encased in a stainless steel back panel without any screws, the new A&Ultima SP2000 is a sleek and well-thought design crafted with its performance in mind. The design concept leverages on the metallic finishes and cleverly plays on the dispersion of light. The exquisite crown detailing in the volume wheel complete with the geometric design of the body emanates excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail right down to its core.


Astell&Kern Debuts Three New Hi-Fi Audio Portables For Audiophiles in Singapore

Aside from the A&Ultima SP2000 portable player, Astell&Kern debuts the KANN CUBE – a next-generation portable player in the Astell&Kern KANN Performance series. KANN CUBE is an absolute audio powerhouse, designed for high fidelity audio while offering low noise floor, even with its massive power output.

Equipped with a built-in headphone amplifier, the KANN CUBE will power drive any headphone without the need for a separate amplifier. Like the A&Ultima SP2000, KANN CUBE is also programmed with two 8-channel ESS Sabre ES9039PRO DACs in a dual-mono configuration. The ES9038PRO, which is used in a high-end studio and home pro audio equipment, delivers the ultimate in spaciousness and massive sound scale. The new 5-pin Mini XLR also makes it easy to connect to a home Hi-Fi audio amplifier. 

To match its power, the KANN CUBE takes on a sturdy look in classic black. The design concept combines aesthetics and functionality, focusing on an intuitive interface for users and a classic look that will not go out of style.

Astell&Kern SP1000 AMP

Astell&Kern Debuts Three New Hi-Fi Audio Portables For Audiophiles in Singapore

A dedicated amplifier module for the A&Ultima SP1000 flagship model – The Astell&Kern SP1000 AMP delivers high gain balanced 10 Vrms and unbalanced 6.2 Vrms output, providing more power to drive more power-hungry headphones. 

The SP1000 AMP docks with the SP1000 player to provide a one-piece, seamless device for charging and volume control, unlike using a separate amplifier which requires additional cables and controls. The amplifier is equipped with a 3,700mA battery, and supports continuous music playback of up to 9 hours. 

Pricing and Availability

The A&Ultima SP2000 Portable Player is available in Stainless Steel and Copper at S$5,299 (including GST). KANN CUBE is available in Wolf Gray at S$2,349 (including GST). Astell&Kern SP1000 AMP is available in Stainless Steel, Copper and Black at S$1,249 (including GST). 

The new range of products will be available from July 2019 at the following authorised retailers: AV One, AV One Lazada (, Challenger Musica Boutique, Connect-IT, E1 Personal Audio Singapore, Jaben, Music Sanctuary, Stereo Electronics, and