You can now buy and sell Eventbrite tickets via Facebook

You can now buy and sell Eventbrite tickets via Facebook

You can now buy and sell Eventbrite tickets via Facebook

Eventbrite has unveiled ‘Buy on Facebook‘, an integration which will allow event organisers to buy or sell tickets on the popular social media network, besides the Eventbrite app.

According to the global ticketing and event technology platform, with ‘Buy on Facebook’, it now takes you just two taps to secure yourself a ticket to events. All these are done on Facebook so that it does not interrupt your social media experience. Once you make a purchase, you can also share it with your friends immediately.

Phil Silverstone, General Manager, Eventbrite Asia Pacific, said the power of the integration to seamlessly connect event creators with potential event-goers is an exciting development for the local event industry.

“Reaching new attendees and providing a frictionless purchase experience is one of the greatest challenges event professionals face. Buy on Facebook solves both of these problems for event creators, providing a two-step native checkout experience that accelerates the conversion of browsers to buyers, seamlessly.”

Since the integration, Eventbrite has found a 20 per cent increase in “paid ticket sales”. Free events also saw two times more registration and views.

Jeffrey Meese, Co-founder of Academy of Drinks said:

“The potential for the Buy on Facebook integration to boost our conversion rates is incredibly exciting. We’ve just launched our newest experience, The Whiskey Wander, and we’re using Buy on Facebook with Eventbrite from day one.”

Eventbrite’s Buy on Facebook integration is now available in markets including Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. and Canada.