Bosch Home Connect: Unlock the full potential of smart and efficient living

Bosch Home Connect: Unlock the full potential of smart and efficient living

Bosch Home Connect: Unlock the full potential of smart and efficient living

Bosch unveils Home Connect, the brand’s first collection of connected appliances to simplify and improve daily household routines. With Home Connect, Bosch home appliances can be monitored and controlled remotely from mobile devices via the Home Connect app. The app is currently the only cross-brand solution capable of controlling the entire connected home appliance range including built-in ovens, cookers and extractor hoods, dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines and dryers as well as automatic coffee machines.

Securely operate appliance functions from anywhere

Did I turn the oven off? Or did I forget to start roasting the chicken for my dinner guests? With Bosch Home Connect-enabled appliances, you will be able to monitor the current status of the chosen appliance, anytime and anywhere. You could turn your oven on or off and even moderate the temperature accordingly so that your guests will be served delicious piping hot food. Bosch washing machines, dishwashers and dryers can also be turned on and off remotely, and include additional special functions such as notifications that indicate the completion of a selected programme. This means that you could even programme your wash to start right after work and come home to a fresh batch of laundry! Say farewell to that lingering mildew scent on your clothes from having left the laundry for too long in the washer.

Shopping lists – a thing of the past

Streamlining grocery tasks has never been this convenient. The Bosch Home Connect Refrigerator provides a modern and simple solution, providing insight into your exact grocery needs according to what you store in your fridge. An integrated camera takes images of the fridge’s content and sends them directly to your smartphone or tablet. At a glance, you can determine the number of eggs, milk or butter you will need for the rest of the weekend! In addition, the Home Connect application also informs appliance owners of the specific spaces within the fridge for storing various types of food for optimal freshness.

International coffee variety at the touch of a button

Without ever leaving Singapore, you can have an Australian “Flat White” a Spanish “Café Cortado”, or any of the world’s famous coffee specialities at the touch of a button, with the Bosch Home Connect coffee machine. With the option to save individual caffeine preferences and settings, you can sleep in longer and wake up to a fresh cappuccino before hitting the road. Special notifications also remind you to regularly descale and clean the coffee machine, with all relevant instructions for the appliance made easily accessible via the Bosch Home Connect app.

All with a single voice command

The voice-controlled operation of Bosch home appliances is an additional highlight to create an experience of perfect convenience. Choose between Amazon Echo or your preferred smart speakers, together with IFTTT for intuitive voice control features that activate your Home Connect-enabled appliances. With just a single command, you can turn on your lights, listen to music, access information and control your entire range of Home Connect-enabled appliances.

Inspiration and tips for cooking

Asian cooking is said to be time-consuming and labourious, but with Home Connect’s assisted cooking function, you can quickly and easily access customised recipe inspirations and specific cooking tips made available by Bosch’s new recipe partner, Kitchen Stories. Using the Cookery Book inside the app, the heating temperature and duration settings can be directly transferred from the recipe to the Bosch oven and hob seamlessly.

Smart partners beyond the kitchen

The hero feature of Home Connect is definitely the API (Application Programming Interface) system, where information gathered from the home appliances can be sent via the system to online marketplaces that are Home Connect partners such as Amazon, Lazada, and RedMart. Should you choose to opt for this feature, the Bosch Home Connect app can place items that you need, directly into your online shopping cart! No more last minute dashes amidst life’s hustle and bustle, to pick up dishwasher detergent, coffee capsules or even food items that you’ll need on a daily basis. This feature will soon be available in Singapore.


Home Connect is available at the UnserHaus Experience Centre and online at and from 31 May 2019. Prices range from S$2000 and S$5000.