3 Adobe Document Cloud solutions you need at work

3 Adobe Document Cloud solutions you need at work

3 Adobe Document Cloud solutions you need at work
Photo by Lost Co on Unsplash

Adobe has over the years enhanced its software solutions to enable creators and businesses to improve their productivity.

One of them is the Adobe Document Cloud solutions, which allow you to manage business documents, without having to step foot into your office to deal with them.

Adobe Scan mobile app

With Adobe Scan mobile app, you can easily snap (scan) a document, a book or a magazine and convert it into a PDF in seconds. All of these done on your mobile phone. Just attached it as a file and send it via email or text to your colleagues without having to find a scanner and a computer to get the job done.

Adobe Sign

On the other hand, there’s also the Adobe Sign. Here’s the process of what many are still doing now when it comes to signing a document:

  1. Print;
  2. Paste the “Sign Here” sticker;
  3. Deliver it to your boss for approval; and
  4. Wait for a couple of days for it to be signed before processing the document.

There’s only one word to describe the whole process. Slow.

With Adobe Sign, you can efficiently send a document to your boss, have him digitally sign it in a much shorter time than the endless wait. Even when he is overseas, all he will need is an Internet connection.

Adobe Acrobat

And then there’s the mighty Adobe Acrobat where you and your team can annotate, highlight and add comments to a document. You can quickly convey your points across to your team without having to physically draw circles with your red pen to make known your edits.

Of course, these are how we, normal office workers, will use the Adobe Document solutions. But what about Netflix’s Queer Eye design guru, Bobby Berk? You can read how he leverages Adobe solutions to help him stay on top of things here.