A letter to Apple

A letter to Apple

A letter to Apple

Dear Apple,

Innovation in smartphone technology over recent years has been revolving around one key determinant factor, and that’s cameras.

Smartphone cameras are one of the reasons why consumers will splash more than a thousand dollars to own them. But there’s a new trend that’s catching up fast and that’s budget smartphones.

Though the word “budget” might sound like a motel over a hotel sort of comparison, in the smartphone industry, things are changing.

One key reason why Huawei is dominating over you, besides their aggressive marketing campaigns, is that the Chinese company caters for all types of consumers and not just one. Though you have jumped onboard the same strategy with your iPhones XE and XR, it seems a little too late.

That’s because the budget-to-mid-range market is itself a competitive section altogether. Your unwillingness to compete in terms of pricing is taking punches from a number of Chinese tech companies like OPPO, OnePlus, Xiaomi and the up and coming Honor, a subsidiary of Huawei.

These companies are producing comparatively excellent smartphones with great cameras at an affordable price. Even their flagships are cheaper than your cheapest device.

While quality is one of your strongest selling points, it’s hard to say how long it will hold as even your faithful supporters are taking off the Apple-branded blindfold for the first time in decades in favour for other brands. The decline in the sale of iPhones is one deafening clue.

If it’s still not clear, the better-selling iPhone XR is a reminder to you on what the consumers really want.

Ever since the passing of Steve Jobs, you have been struggling to keep up with your competitors. It’s hard to tell what’s wrong with you from the inside since you have been acquiring companies and hiring talents to help you with whatever work.

But if the next iPhone is going to be awfully similar to the iPhone XS, i.e. no major difference from the iPhone X, then we could be witnessing the modern-day Nokia. You.