Singapore Red Cross hacked

Singapore Red Cross hacked

The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) is the latest victim of a cybersecurity breach, which compromised more than 4,000 personal data of potential blood donors.

The breach was discovered by SRC’s web developer who alerted the organisation on unauthorised access to their database, which was used to store information of donors who expressed interests in donating their blood.

According to a report by Channel NewsAsia, SRC said:

“The following information of 4,297 individuals who had registered their interest on the website was compromised: Name, contact number, email, declared blood type, preferred appointment date/time and preferred location for blood donations.”

SRC stressed that no other information or database was affected by the security breach.

Investigations are currently ongoing but SRC suspects that a weak password could be the probable cause of the hack.

SRC has started contacting the affected individuals and apologise to all users for the incident.

Currently, the main Singapore Red Cross website has been taken offline, leaving a temporary page with the essential links for public access.


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