Launch of The New CrescoData Commerce-in-the-Cloud Suite

Amidst the burgeoning commerce scene in Southeast Asia and around the world, CrescoData announced the launch of their Commerce-in-the-Cloud Suite, a one-stop commerce solution facilitating business’s efforts to tap into this exploding market.

With the increasing demand for rapid innovation in commerce among SMEs, startups and other e-commerce platforms, the CrescoData Commerce-in-the-Cloud Suite provides a single integration point to access over 70 digital sales channels with a consistent product content experience and automated order management, all supported by secure, AWS-hosted platforms with live alert systems.

The CrescoData Commerce-in-the-Cloud Suite has the ability to automate and synchronise products, price, stock availability and orders in real time and connects into the Source Platform. Having all the data stored in one place not only reduces the possibility of errors but also helps in running the supply chain smoothly.

The CrescoData Commerce-in-the-Cloud Suite is powered by The CrescoData Commerce Connect Platform which uses industry-leading technology that harnesses the power of cloud AI and machine learning to intelligently map, connect, and automate commerce data. Customers can also access some or all modules as part of their commerce stack. This helps in better organization and tracking of orders with real-time stock and sales updates.

What is the CrescoData Commerce-in-the-Cloud Suite?

The CrescoData Commerce-in-the-Cloud Suite is the cloud-based suite of services of the CrescoData Commerce Connect platform. The Suite offers a range of services through a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering.

Built using the latest Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud serverless architecture, the CrescoData Commerce Connect Platform is designed to scale. It is fully GDPR (General Data Protection Requirement) compliant, and all data is encrypted. Features, such as sophisticated monitoring tools, as well as automated testing and deployment, make it ideal for Commerce integration, mapping and automation requirements.

The CrescoData Commerce Connect Platform:

  • Processes over 30 million SKU’s a month
  • Processes over 10,000 orders a day
  • Is connected to over 70 channels
  • Automates over 500 merchants across 10 markets in 8 different languages

Features of CrescoData Commerce-in-the-Cloud Suite

As cloud-integration software, the CrescoData Commerce-in-the-Cloud Suite automates the process of managing commerce data by intelligently connecting platforms. Here are some of the key features:

Connected to over 70 commerce sales channels

Scale your commerce business by connecting to different commerce channels such as marketplaces like Amazon and Lazada, eCommerce Stores – Magento and Shopify, and digital ad channels, including Google as well as Facebook in a single integration

API access to some or all modules

Seamlessly integrate with one API across channels of your choice without any coding. Stay ahead of the market with updated API connections across the channels as they continually change.

Machine Learning Mapping and Categorisation Engine

Reduce human errors through sorting and categorising product data into the right category tree using Machine Learning mapping. The suite’s in-house Master Category Tree features over 42,000 categories and more than 80 million products and is pre-mapped to over 70 channels using the smart mapper tool. This enables instant scaling through automatic mapping and updating product source data with Machine Learning that offers up to 95% level-1 accuracy to all channels.

Connect commerce platforms

Automated mapping of all commerce data between back-end commerce platforms, including ERP’s, WMS, OMS, and eCommerce platforms, allow your business to scale and automate

Set infinite rules via the Dynamic Rules Engine

Control how you would like your product data to be featured across different commerce channels with the suite’s proprietary Machine Learning Rules Engine. Set unlimited rules per channel around product, price, stock, promotions, and shipping. For example, you can restrict certain product brands to be sold on a specific channel, or reserve stock for each channel.

Real-time stock and order sync

Increase the chances of sale and visibility by allocating all stock across channels as well as countries. Real-time stock sync basically means that as soon as a sale happens, it is reflected immediately by a decrease in the stock. You can assign different warehouses for fulfilment and you can also push orders back into your system of choice – WMS, OMS, ERP.

Real-time alerts and monitoring

Get real-time alerts to spot any API delays or errors. Receive consolidated data and reasons for the failure, making it easy to solve integration issues.

Consolidated dashboard

Get live reporting directly to your CrescoData Management Portal where you can keep tabs on all sales, channel, and merchant data. There is zero lag time, so you always have up-to-date information.

Export order data into external dashboards or BI tools

Connect your reports from our consolidated dashboard to external BI reporting tools such as Google, Data Suite, Qlikview, and Tableau for easy analysis and integration with the rest of your business.

Benefits of Using CrescoData Commerce-in-the-Cloud Suite

With our AI and machine learning-based commerce suite, your business will benefit from automating and reducing costs. In summary, you can:

  • Save time and money by automating manual commerce processes like product mapping and image resizing across several different commerce channels.
  • Eliminate costly channel maintenance by using our API integration with automatic updates and error alerts.
  • Focus on your core platform while monitoring other commerce channels with our alerts and consolidated dashboard.
  • Scale with confidence by expanding your distribution over 70 commerce channels.
  • Automate your commerce business by synchronising your products and orders seamlessly across all channels.

Manage your commerce business efficiently by using our Commerce-in-the-Cloud Suite to scale effortlessly. With automation, you take the grunt work out of cleaning, mapping, and automating data for a seamless customer experience, so that you can focus on doing what you do best–growing your business.

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