REDHILL launches REDLIST, Southeast Asia’s largest influencer discovery platform

REDHILL, a Singapore-headquartered global communications agency, has announced its rollout of a custom-built influencer discovery platform. The new platform, called REDLIST, empowers brands to maximise their ROI from influencer marketing campaigns.

REDHILL’s expertise in Southeast Asian markets and the influencer space has allowed it to build the largest analytics platform of influencers across the region. Every influencer on the platform undergoes thorough vetting by REDHILL’s on-ground local teams, so that only the most relevant ones are displayed.

“Southeast Asia is the next big region for digital and influencer marketing. Today, 58 per cent of Southeast Asia’s 635 million population is online and over half of them are active social media users; making it the world’s third-largest for monthly social media usage,” explains Natalie Chua, Director Digital and Social Strategy, at REDHILL.

Concurrently, businesses across the region understand the inherent potential of such platforms for social commerce, and as such between 63 to 95 per cent of merchants have turned to social media as well to boost their sales, according to a 2018 study by PayPal.

REDHILL launches REDLIST, Southeast Asia’s largest influencer discovery platform

This is a trend that is placing influencers front and centre of digital brand campaigns.

“The influencer marketing space is saturated with new digital influencers popping up every day. The key to cutting through that noise is to identify the key opinion leaders that are not only top in their category in terms of reach but can drive real influence and impact,” she added.

The REDLIST platform includes a comparison feature that pulls real-time data from influencer profiles and analyses social engagement rates and community sentiment, enabling more intelligent influencer outreach strategies to be devised. Additionally, REDSCORE, a proprietary ranking algorithm, ranks influencers against others in the same country and across the region to identify top-performing profiles.

REDSCORE is calculated based on the influencer’s ability to drive engagement; not just on the number of followers an influencer has. REDSCORE compares the popularity and social media performance between influencers, considering their respective channels, category of interest and available social platforms to recommend the most relevant and effective influencers for a brand’s campaign.

REDLIST will undergo continuous development and new features will be added over time to ensure the platform continues to bring added value to client accounts and campaigns. As REDLIST’s database expands to include more influencers and countries, the platform will also grow its comparison abilities, category granularity, and REDSCORE accuracy.

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