HDB App Ohmyhome enters private property market with DIY transaction platform

Singapore’s #1 HDB app Ohmyhome announced that it has officially launched into the private housing market. Home buyers and sellers of private properties can now take advantage of the platform to manage and handle housing transaction journey on their own (DIY). Ohmyhome also introduced its suite of end-to-end services which include an on-demand agent, mortgage advisory and legal services for the next step in the transaction process. Having successfully facilitated more than 2,300 HDB resale transactions since its launch in 2016,

Ohmyhome is now bringing its successful model into the private market. It has been Ohmyhome’svision to extend its services to everyone in the housing market, including those looking to transact their private properties. Ohmyhome will also be able to serve the large market segment of HDB flat owners looking to move to private property and vice versa. With the market expected to pick up afterQ1 as home buyers and sellers re-enter the market, Ohmyhome offers them a DIY way for a simple, fast and affordable transaction.

Free-To-Use Platform to Buy and Sell on Your Own (DIY)

Completely free to use, Ohmyhome’s DIY platform connects home buyers and sellers directly to each other and helps them handle the transaction on their own. Without an agent, home buyers and sellers save on agent commission which is typically around 1%-4% of the selling price.

A range of free tools is offered on the platform for buyers and sellers to search, list, negotiate and close the transaction the DIY way. From the in-app chat that directly links up both parties to each other, to the in-app e-valuation tool providing real-time price prediction, Ohmyhome is developed to be user-friendly for private home buyers and sellers to buy and sell condominiums and landed properties easily.

Ohmyhome creates a more efficient search experience by allowing only unique, non-duplicate listings on its portal. This allows homebuyers to quickly find what they are looking for, as they don’t need to scroll through many repeated listings.

A Different Kind of Agent Service

For those who prefer professional assistance with selling their house, they can opt for Ohmyhome’stech-enabled full agent service. Ohmyhome professional agents are aided by technology that automates part of the transaction process such as advertising and generation of weekly performance analysis for the listings and produces data-driven property reports.

To provide the highest service quality, Ohmyhome adopts a unique ‘engage the company, not just the agent’s approach. The home seller’s needs are first accessed before they are matched with the right in-house agent specializing in that geographic area and property type. Agents are supported by a dedicated team in customer service, marketing and technology, and provided unlimited marketing budget to accelerate the selling process, with the fastest deal closing recorded at three days. The full agent service, starting at 1% agent commission, provides a simple, fast and affordable home selling journey from search to closing.

One-Stop Housing Solution for Private Market

Home buyers and sellers of private properties can now look forward to a simple, fast and affordable way to transact their properties, especially with the company’s suite of end-to-end offerings, which include highly reviewed agent services, on-demand mortgage advisory and legal services. The services were first introduced to the HDB resale market and have helped over 5,000 home-owners and home seekers.

Rhonda Wong, CEO and co-founder of Ohmyhome said:

“From day one, our goal has been to provide a platform where home buyers and sellers can buy and sell their properties in a simple, fast and affordable manner, and we’re delighted to now extend our end-to-end offerings to all home buyers and sellers in Singapore.”

Ms Wong adds, “Expanding into the private market allows us to offer a wider selection of properties to meet our customers’ needs. Home buyers will now be able to browse for both condominiums, new launches and HDB resale flats onOhmyhome, and home sellers will be able to reach a wider pool of potential buyers.”

Through this model, Ohmyhome, which raised its Series A funding round led by Golden Equator Capital last September, hopes to continue its streak of providing top-notch quality services to their customers. With its services now available for the private property market, rental services will also be available to help tenants and landlords with their housing needs.

Learn to Buy, Sell and Rent your Property with Ohmyhome

Ohmyhome will be organizing a series of public seminars on how to buy, sell and rent your HDB flats and private properties, which will be expected to roll out in April 2019.

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