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The AntiHACK Monitoring App protects your smartphone from malicious attack and prevents you from being a bully

AntiHACK Monitoring App | Tech Coffee House
Image: Screengrab off Google Play Store

We are not sure how many people out there have an anti-malware, virus or hack app on their smart devices. But one should never be too careful since we are in the era of using our smartphones to do an abundance of things, specifically banking and shopping.

If you have not installed one or you prefer something developed locally, Singapore’s first bug bounty platform,, has launched an app called the AntiHACK Monitoring App to defend your mobile device against malicious attacks.

The app provides users with an overview on which installed app on their smartphone has access to your sensitive data, which could potentially be misused. This includes geo-location, data storage, microphone and cameras on Android devices.

Also, the AntiHACK Monitoring app has a built-in email spoof checker that can help users determine if their email addresses are vulnerable to spoofing attacks.

Another interesting feature that is built into the app is the Anti-Cyber bullying keyboard. What it does is that it will set off a notification or a prompt to alert you about a hurtful word you typed in your message before you send it out. This gives you a chance to change your mind or think twice about accumulating bad karma.

The AntiHACK Monitoring App is now available for free on the Google Play Store.