LG's new top-Loader wows with outstanding performance and efficiency at InnoFest Asia

LG Electronics (LG) is showcasing its new top-loader at InnoFest Asia 2019. With innovative TurboWash 3D™ technology, the advanced appliance offers impressive washing results and greater efficiency. It also comes with hygiene-enhancing features and convenient connectivity that bring consumers an exceptional laundry experience.

The top-loader employs TurboWash 3D™ technology, which harnesses the combined strengths of TurboShot™ (the pairing of WaveForce™ and JetSpray) and TurboDrum™ to deliver a high-quality performance. WaveForce™ sends powerful vertical streams of water from top to bottom, ensuring each and every load is thoroughly clean, while JetSpray provides quick and effective rinsing. At the same time, TurboDrum™ rotates the tub and pulsator to generate dynamic flows of water moving in opposite directions.  Moreover, LG’s washer boasts improved efficiency; with the TurboWash™ option on, it can cut cycle lengths to approximately 39 minutes,while reducing energy consumption by up to 27 per cent and water consumption by 14 per cent compared to conventional LG washing machines.1

Fitted with a Full Stainless Steel Tub and Wide Stainless Lint Filter2, the washing machine offers convenient hygiene management, preventing contamination and guaranteeing cleanliness for every load. Taking away an annoying, time-consuming chore, and removing the need for a separate cleaning program, the Auto Tub Cleaning function cleanses the tub during the laundry cycle.

For effective, delicate laundry care, users can add Steam™ to the Stain Care cycle to softly soak and wash items in warm water (40 degrees Celsius). Moreover, the Allergy Care cycle with 60 degrees Celsius Steam™ boosts the hygienic performance of this robust washer, reducing allergens by 99.9 per cent to safeguard users’ health.3

SmartThinQ™ provides a simpler way to control, monitor and maintain the company’s Wi-Fi-enabled top-loader. Users can easily diagnose and solve issues with Smart Diagnosis™, download custom wash programs, monitor energy consumption and manage cycles and setting.

“Consumers throughout Asia have told us they want a washer that combines powerful performance with enhanced efficiency, which is why we’re proud to show off our new top-loader at InnoFest,” said Song Dae-hyun, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “By developing advanced core technologies for home appliances, LG will continue to present innovative, differentiated products that make life easier.”

1 Tested by Intertek (Jan 2019), based on IEC 60456: edition 5.0 2010-02 test protocol. Normal cycle with TurboWash™ option, based on 2.5kg loads for 21-inch model and 3.5kg loads for 25- and 27-inch models. Program time may vary depending on household water pressure.

2 Wide Stainless Lint Filter is not available in 21-inch models and certain 27-inch models.

3 Certificated by Allergy UK, removes 99.9 percent of allergens including pollen, cat- and dog-related allergens, household dust mites, fungi and bacteria.

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