Free Horizon Zero Dawn content are coming to PUBG

Free Horizon Zero Dawn content are coming to PUBG

Sick of wearing your torn and tattered top while killing your opponents in PUBG? We got news for you.

PUBG is collaborating with Horizon Zero Dawn to give you free items between 5 March to 5 April. These items include:

  • Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse Top when you log in to PUBG;
  • Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse Mask when you played 10 PUBG matches within the event period;
  • Horizon Zero Dawn Eclipse Kar98k by purchasing it with 8,000 BP; and
  • Horizon Zero Dawn Pan when you kill 10 opponents using the crossbow during the event period.

This special collaboration between PUBG Corporation and Guerilla Games is to celebrate the two-year anniversary of Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s available in PUBG on PlayStation 4.

So keep a look out for these amazing freebies!

Now back to hunting for my Chicken Dinner.

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