Google One is coming to Singapore - What is Google One?

Google One, a cloud-based storage service, will be available in Singapore in the coming weeks.

This service allows Google users to expand their storage limit from the complimentary 15GB, which come with every Google account, all the way up to 1TB, with its monthly subscription plans.

The storage can be used across the Google Drive, Gmail and Photos.

There are three plans offered by Google One – 100GB, 200GB and 1TB.

100GB 200GB 1TB
$2.79/mth $3.99/mth $13.99/mth
$27.99/yr $39.99/year $139.99/year  

Users can choose to pay for the plan of their choice monthly or annually, which will be a more economical choice as it’s cheaper.

One benefit of subscribing to a Google One plan is that the plan can be shared with five family members. They will also have access to Google experts to answer any questions regarding its services.

To welcome users to come onboard Google One, Google is giving everyone a S$7 Google Play credit.

The tech giant also intends to add more extra benefits for its Google One users in the coming months.

If you’d like to be notified when Google One is available, sign up for an update. For more information, visit the Google One Help Centre.

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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