Singapore –  ReSET, a Singapore social impact start-up founded to provide holistic emotional support and professional aid to couples, officially launched in Singapore. The web-and-mobile-enabled platform offers online programmes created in collaboration with experts for mending and strengthening relationships.
ReSET believes that emerging technology has the power, in today’s digital-first world, to enhance and improve interpersonal communication in relationships. Using innovative tech features and the global connectivity of the Internet, ReSET provides a one-stop platform for relationship wellness.
A survey by ReSET found that 73% of Singaporean couples are facing communication issues, and 60% of all couples surveyed stated that they lack emotional support when dealing with such matters, which are vital relationship stressors. Even as the Internet affords better access to information, many of these couples face significant difficulties in accessing targeted and useful resources.
ReSET offers an elegant, holistic solution by way of their repertoire of services, which include:
1. One-stop Web Platform
The web- and mobile- platform is a one-stop portal connecting couples looking to strengthen their relationships. Featuring comprehensive programmes and content created in partnership with experts such as counsellors, meditation specialists, positive psychologists and even wealth coaches, couples will be able to better access information, help and support that they need to strengthen their relationships.
2. Innovative App for Couples (to launch early 2019)
ReSET’s proprietary app stands out from other couple chat apps on the market. The app will offer an enhanced couples-only chat with inbuilt smart suggestions and features to improve couples’ bonding and communication.
3. Workshops and events
In addition to the platform and app, ReSET also conducts community-based workshops and events with their practitioners to promote the open discussion of relationship issues in an emotionally-conservative society.
ReSET’s comprehensive programmes help those who wish to improve their relationship wellness to obtain professional help, join the right support communities, and in so doing, ‘reset’, and reconnect with their loved ones. These services perfectly accommodate and benefit a generation for whom social media and messaging platforms have become acceptable mediums through which personal lives and emotional connections are continuously developed and maintained.
At the launch, held at Hotel Fort Canning, ReSET announced a charity community impact initiative spearheaded by the ReSET team and a private philanthropist. Under this initiative, ten pianos will be donated to community centres and made accessible to 50 talented children from low-income families. The beneficiary children will be sponsored by music education to encourage personal expression through music and will also be mentored by volunteer musicians, including students from LASALLE College of the Arts.
Ahead of the release of their innovative app in early 2019, ReSET is also hosting a series of workshops from November onwards. Following in the footsteps of past workshops, which covered topics like practising self-love, managing one’s relationship with money, and reframing one’s thoughts to better communicate, these workshops will be led by ReSET’s partners such as industry professionals Delphine Supanya and Andrea Tan, and will focus on the expression of love and gratitude, and the understanding of pleasure.
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