Google Assistant

Get your Google Assistant to arrange for your next Grab car

Google Assistant

The next time you want to call for a Grab, you may tell it to your Google Assistant.

Google is rolling out updates this week to the Google Assistant, enabling it to arrange a ride for you.

Just say, “Hey Google, book me a ride to Chinatown Point” and it will show you the ride services available, the estimated pricing and wait times for each service.

You can also indicate to your Google Assistant if you have a preferred ride service by saying, “Hey Google, get me a Grab ride to Sentosa.”

Google Assistant
Courtesy of Google

What’s left for you to do is to choose and confirm the ride.

As long as you have a Google Assistant on your smartphone or a smart speaker with the Assistant, you can use this feature.

The initial rollout of the feature will be in English, but Google plans to expand it to more languages in the coming months.

The ride service partners for the feature include Grab, Uber, Lyft, Ola and GO-Jek.

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