Mileslife Health
Mileslife Health

They say you must learn to walk before you can run. That is true.

But for Mileslife, an app that rewards you miles from dining and your everyday spending, they want you to walk so that you can fly.

Mileslife had launched a new initiative, Mileslife Health, to reward users with air miles for each step they take. This is to help Singaporeans hit their recommended steps every day for a healthier lifestyle.

Mileslife Health
Mileslife Health

According to the Health Promotion Board, diabetes, heart disease and stroke are emerging health issues amongst Singaporeans. Their data showed that “obesity rates are likely to increase by 15 per cent by 2024.”

A simple method to improve the health of Singaporeans is a 30-minute daily walk, which is easily achievable.

With the Mileslife Health, the reward of air miles could provide additional encouragement for people to walk more.

Founder and CEO of Mileslife, Troy Liu said:

“Since 2016, Mileslife has pioneered a new ecosystem that enables users to collect airline miles and points through their daily activities, from dining to spa and travel. Our commitment now extends beyond recreational lifestyle activities to healthy living as well. With Mileslife Health, our users are able to convert their steps into actual rewards, acting as a natural incentive for users to clock in more steps while earning airlines miles at the same time.  It is our aim to help our users integrate accumulation of miles into their day to day life and we are taking it one step further with Mileslife Health.”

Here’s how Mileslife Health works

  1. A minimum of 5,000 steps is required each day to redeem airline miles with the next tier of rewards at 10,000 and 20,000 steps. The more you walk, the more miles you’ll earn.
  2. Steps will be reset at midnight each day; miles must be redeemed in the Mileslife app before midnight SGT (UTC +8).
  3. An additional 10 miles will be awarded every week if the number of accumulated steps redeemed in one week exceeds 100,000 steps.
  4. On top of earning miles from hitting the daily steps target, double the miles when you spend with the Mileslife app.

Full terms and conditions are available on the app. Download the app at

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