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The Singapore Grand Prix is just days away from lighting up our streets and packing the City Hall area with crowds to catch a glimpse of the F1 race.

F1 fanatics will know very well what to expect when the craze is on. What about those that who got tickets first time this year? What should they expect or bring?

Not to worry, WhereIsWhere, a location-based discovery mobile platform has come up with these five top tips to help you be smart and not a noob.

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1. Know “WhereIsWhere”

Explore and navigate around the F1 circuit seamlessly with the help of WhereIsWhere, a nifty app that’ll help you locate stores within a one-kilometre radius. With the F1 map, activities and concert times loaded onto the platform, it’ll also be your one-stop platform for everything F1! Whether it’s to find a snack shop for nibbles, a café for a quick coffee or even just shopping to kill time, WhereIsWhere has got you covered. You can also start favouriting live performances and stores, to ease navigation over the weekend.

2. Grab a bite outside the circuit

Food and drinks can get a little pricey within the circuit, so try to have your fill before heading in to avoid spending extra cash on overpriced nibbles. If you’re uncertain of what’s convenient at your nearest F1 entrance, launch the WhereIsWhere app, and it’ll pull out a list of restaurants near the area.

Psst! WhereIsWhere also features exclusive flash deals and promotions from merchants, so you might want to download in advance to check what’s on!

3. Get earplugs!

Don’t take these babies for granted, the sound of the car engines zooming past can get pretty intense, so don’t forget to have a pair with you at all times. But if you don’t, fret not! Locate the nearest stores from wherever you are through the WhereIsWhere app.

4. Pack light and stay comfy

Don’t even think about bringing along a hefty bag to F1; it’ll just be a hassle to lug around and jostle with the crowds. Go for a small bag instead that’s sufficient to hold your basics, like wet tissues, your wallet, phone or even a poncho – it’ll make things way more manageable as you go through security checks. With the all the walking you’ll need to do to get around, be sure to be in comfy shoes or sandals too!

5. Plan your route

With all the road closures ahead, think twice about driving down. Apart from finding the best place to park, the traffic would be an additional headache you’d have to deal with. If you’re travelling by bus, be sure to check if the routes have changed due to the road closures. Ideally, it’s best to go by the MRT as the F1 entry gates are located near the stations. Don’t forget to check your ticket to find out the gates and zones you’re allowed to access, that’ll help you plan which station to alight at and minimise walking. When in doubt, check out the WhereIsWhere app, which has the F1 gates covered on the map, to help you find the optimal route.

Download WhereIsWhere for free on GooglePlay and App Store to easily discover what’s around you and going on for F1 from 14 to 16 September 2018.

This article is contributed by WhereIsWhere is a first-of-its-kind location-based discovery mobile platform for discovering flash promotions, product and service offerings and activities nearby. Use WhereIsWhere’s interactive map and sophisticated filters – including favourite retailers, category lists, and sub-categories – to easily search for the nearest outlets offering products, services, time-based offers and experiences of interest. 

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