Google Assistant is now a multilinguist - IFA 2018

Google Assistant gets multilingual support and lets you schedule routines

Google Assistant is now a multilinguist - IFA 2018

Google had announced at IFA 2018 that the Google Assistant can now understand and speak more than one language at a time and set routines.

The feature, which is currently available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese, allows users to speak either of the languages to the Google Assistant without having to change the default language.

For example, you can say “Hey Google, Ogenkidesuka” in Japanese and it will reply according to what was said.

According to Google, more languages will be added in the coming months.

Also announced at the IFA for the Google Assistant is a new feature that allows users to custom and schedule routines.

Through the new feature, users can set up to a string of six routines (actions) to get multiple things done with a single command or get it to perform actions according to the pre-set time and days automatically.

For example, you can set the command for one of your routines as “Joke Time.” Hence, whenever you say “Hey Google, Joke Time”, it will tell you a joke. Or, you can set 1 pm on every Monday to have the Google Assistant tell you a joke, and it will do so accordingly.

To set the routines, go to the Google Home app, tap on Settings and then Routines.

On the screen, you will see default commands and routines that are already pre-loaded on your Google Assistant. Tap on “+”, and you can start setting your custom routine.

If you are a routine person, you would love this feature.

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