The GIVEN Company

A local social enterprise had launched Singapore’s first online incentivised giving platform yesterday.

The GIVEN Company is the first to bring in the concept of awarding donors with an opportunity to win a luxury prize for each donation they make. The latest reward, which will be drawn on 2 November 2018, is a Mercedes-Benz CLA 180 Coupé and cash prizes, worth more than S$180,000 in total.

In a survey commissioned by The GIVEN Company, it revealed that 58 per cent of Singaporeans are more likely to donate to charity if they get something in return. And 62 per cent of them indicated that they are more likely to donate if it’s convenient like using an online platform.

The results gave The GIVEN Company the much-needed encouragement to launch their platform to bridge the expectations of the donors with the charity organisations.

The GIVEN Company
Charles Tan, Co-founder of The GIVEN Company, sharing his thoughts during the panel discussion at the launch.

Co-founder of The GIVEN Company, Charles Tan said:

“The findings of the survey emphasised the challenges that currently inhibit giving in Singapore as well as how this can be tackled – through offering greater convenience, transparency and by rewarding generosity, we hope to motivate more individuals to give more than they otherwise would. Our ultimate aim and purpose behind The GIVEN Company are to ensure that the less fortunate receive the care and support that they need and are not left behind.”

Charles also added that through their platform, they “hope to raise both money and awareness for worthy causes efficiently and sustainably, while offering attractive prizes for generous donors.”

To further put donors’ minds at ease, the incentivised giving platform is using the blockchain technology to create a safe and transparent environment for transactions and donation draws.

According to The GIVEN Company, having a blockchain ledger to reflect all transactions helps to ensure full transparency in the disbursement of prizes and donations by each draw’s guidelines.”

Currently, the social enterprise is in partnership with local charities such as the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Life Community Services Society, Alzheimer’s Disease Association (ADA) and The RICE Company Limited.

They hope to welcome more charitable organisations to come onboard in the next few months.

To donate, the public can log on to to:

  • buy a $20 T-shirt; and
  • vote for a charity they would like The GIVEN Company to support through a drop-down selection.

All net proceeds from the sales of the 50,000 limited printed T-shirts will be donated to the charities of choice by the donors.

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