Minimalism was not a word we heard much back in the 90s. However, in this era that we live in, it sure has picked a substantial following. What minimalism means differ from one person to another.

To us, it means to remove unnecessary things in our life and keep those that matter.

For LG, it represents their latest signature series.

Keeping up with what consumers desire in recent years, LG had unveiled four of its signature series that are designed in a contemporary minimalist style, yet packed with innovatory technology.

These new releases are the:

  • LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator;
  • LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine; and
  • LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier

LG Signature OLED TV W8

LG Signature Series - OLED TV W8

Unlike other TVs, the LG Signature OLED TV W8 does not take up much space like the conventional placement of your regular TVs – on TV console or with a large TV bracket.

Saying that “it does not take up much space” is an understatement to what we truly mean.

The W8 is designed to look like a painting hanging on the wall. The physical difference between the painting and the W8 is that the latter measures at less than 4mm thin.

As astonishing as its thickness or thinness may sound, the W8 still comes packed with LG’s top-of-the-line α9 processor and powered by the ThinQ AI.

The α9 processor is the brain behind LG OLED TVs’ true-to-life image quality.

According to LG, “The processor augments colour performance using its advanced mapping capabilities that make colours look close to the original content.”

Also, as the processor can support high frame rate, images moving as fast as 120 frames per second is not a big task that the W8 can’t handle.

Powered by the ThinQ AI, the W8 is voice command ready. Using the voice-activated control, users can get the TV to increase or decrease its volume, change channel or picture mode, just by speaking into the remote control.

The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W8 retails at S$34,999 for the 77-inch and S$11,699 for the 65-inch.

LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator

LG Signature Series - Refrigerator

There are two unique features that the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator have that are not only handy but also practical.

One is LG’s award-winning Door-in-Door design that allows you to peep into the fridge without the need to open the doors to see what’s in there.

All you need to do is two knocks on the glass panel, and the interior will light up, unveiling the items.

The second handy feature is the Auto Open Door feature, which like what the name suggests, opens the door automatically. It’s practical because, many a time, we do find ourselves overloaded with items on our hands, which inhibit us from opening the fridge door.

With the Auto Open Door, with a foot slid under the smart sensor detector, open sesame.

The LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator retails at S$10,888.

LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine

LG Signature Series - Washing Machine

The 24-inch front load LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine features a TWINWash Mini under its primary unit, which conveniently allows users to wash delicate fabrics in a separate compartment at the same time as the main unit.

Although it may not feature the Auto Open Door like its compatriot, the LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator, it does have a “touch-enabled Quick Circle User Interface.” With a gentle push,  the washing machine will open the front load door for you.

The LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine also comes with the Centum System. It is an advanced suspension system that does not only enhance the machine’s durability, it also reduces the tub’s vibrations, lowering noise emission.

The LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine (Washer & Dryer) comes with a 12kg washing capacity and a 7kg drying capacity. It retails at S$4,888. Adding a pedestal washer, i.e. the TWINWash Mini, which comes with a 2kg washing capacity, it will cost an additional S$1,000.


LG Signature Series - Air Purifier

Though Singapore has been haze-free for the third straight year, it does not mean harmful particles are in complete non-existence.

After breathing in all types of particles while we are out in the streets or even in the office, all we want to when we get home is a breath of clean air.

This is what the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier is designed for.

The air purifier uses water “to filter out harmful chemicals and contaminants while quickly bringing the room to comfortable humidity levels.”

Users can also understand the quality of air in their home with the aid of the Smart Indicator on the air purifier. The “inbuilt particulate matter 1.0 (PM1.0) sensor can detect fine dust less than 1.0 micrometre in diameter.”

The LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier retails at S$2,000.

New LG SIGNATURE Premium Service

Along with the unveiling of their latest signature series, LG also launched an exclusive premium care service for it SIGNATURE customers.

Customers who purchase any of the LG SIGNATURE products will receive:

  1. complimentary delivery and standard installation of LG SIGNATURE products;
  2. home demonstration on how to use the products;
  3. annual on-site product inspection for three years; and
  4. priority hotline at 6512 0575.

In celebration of the new premium service, additional bonus rewards are included for LG SIGNATURE customers. With LG SIGNATURE purchase from 14 August to 13 November 2018, receive rewards such as a luxury hotel suite stay, or dine at Michelin-starred restaurants.

LG SIGNATURE Purchase Value

LG SIGNATURE Bonus Rewards

S$20,000 and above

One Night Suite Stay for Two at a Luxury Hotel
(Worth S$1,060)

S$10,000 to S$19,999

Nine-Course Dining with Wine Pairing for Two at béni, a Michelin-Starred Japanese Restaurant
(Worth S$790)Michelin One-Star

S$5,000 to S$9,999

Sixteen-Course Dining for Two at Saint Pierre, a Michelin-Starred Modern French Restaurant

(Worth S$583)

Customers can simply register at to enjoy the rewards.

So what do you think of the latest LG SIGNATURE series? Let us know in the comments below.

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

Besides tech, I love chicken rice. Point me in the right direction and I'll go and try it. :)
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