Samsung Launches the New Cordless Vacuum POWERstick PRO
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Samsung Electronics Singapore has announced the availability of its all-new cordless vacuum cleaner, the POWERstick PRO, in Singapore. Boasting powerful suction power, the new POWERstick PRO is the ultimate cleaning companion for consumers, resolving the cleaning challenges they experience as they vacuum their homes.

Samsung Electronics Singapore, Head of Digital Appliances, Joan Ng said:

“At Samsung, we are committed to introducing innovations that can simplify and resolve everyday challenges consumers face in their lives at home. With the POWERstick PRO, we are excited to bring to consumers an ultimate cleaning solution that can provide more help and efficiency for their cleaning chores, towards improving the quality of their lives.”

Ergonomic design for ease of use

The POWERstick PRO takes users’ cleaning experience to the next level by maximising aesthetic appeal and providing higher convenience for them. Its patented ergonomic Flex Handle folds up to 50° with a simple click of a button, allowing users to reach under low furniture and vacuum with ease. Lightweight and easy to use, the ergonomics of the POWERstick PRO’s Flex Handle have also been cleverly aligned for more comfortable use, minimising strain on wrists, muscles and back.

Convenient power on function

POWERstick PRO with Turbo Action Brush
Image credit: Samsung

With the POWERstick PRO, users can enjoy continuous, powerful cleaning without having to hold down the power button throughout. They would simply need to press the power button once to switch the POWERstick PRO on in Normal Mode and again to switch it off. Also, users can also press and hold the vacuum cleaner’s Turbo Mode button for more power-packed cleaning.

Lasting power with removable battery

POWERstick PRO with Removable battery
Image credit: Samsung

The POWERstick PRO also boasts a robust battery life, running on a battery pack that offers up to 40 minutes of battery life on a single charge1. The battery pack can also be quickly swapped for a replacement when needed, extending cleaning time to a total of 80 minutes. Users can also be assured that there will be no significant decrease in the POWERstick PRO’s battery power, as the battery pack is designed to retain 80 per cent of its original capacity for up to 500 full charge and discharge cycles.

EZClean technology for effortless cleaning

Image credit: Samsung

Equipped with strong hygienic features, the POWERstick PRO is hassle-free in maintenance and effortless to clean, further amplifying user convenience. Users can empty its EZClean Dustbin with one quick pull of the lever, and dispose of its contents with minimal effort. The entire dustbin structure of the cordless vacuum cleaner can be easily detached and washed with water. The EZClean Brush is also detachable from the main unit and uses friction to dislodge dust and even hair tangles in the process, and users need not worry about getting their hands dirty.

Hygienic HEPA filtration for cleaner air

POWERstick Pro
Image credit: Samsung

The POWERstick PRO also boasts Hygienic HEPA Filtration to ensure that up to 99.9 percent5 of the dust collected stays in the canister, ensuring cleaner air. Its advanced filtration system received the highest level of certification from SLG, an independent testing institute, as well as from the British Allergy Foundation, for its ability to trap fine dust and other harmful particles such as household mites, pollen, and mould spores.

Strong suction power for powerful performance

Powered by Samsung’s Digital Inverter Motor, the POWERstick PRO is built for high performance. As one of the leads in the industry, the cordless vacuum cleaner is packed with the strong suction power of up to 150W, providing users with thorough cleaning efficiency on all floor types. The POWERstick PRO is also equipped with the Turbo Action Brush, which provides exceptional versatility in efficiently cleaning dust-up from various floor types. The rotating brush bar drives bristles deep into the carpet, enabling it to powerfully pick up pet hairs and dust.

Additional tools for the ultimate cleaning solution

The POWERstick PRO is complemented with four additional tools, enhancing it as the ultimate cleaning solution.

  • Mini Motorised Tool
    The Mini Motorised Tool allows users to clean the dust and allergens on their bed sheets, mattresses and fabric furniture effectively and hygienically.
  • Extension Crevice Tool
    The Extension Crevice Tool helps users remove dirt from deep crevices in sofas and high areas like ceiling corners with ease.
  • Combination Tool
    The Combination Tool enables users to pick up dirt on a wide range of surfaces, from table tops to window frames.
  • Soft Action Brush
    The Soft Action Brush effectively swipes up even the finest dust from hard floors.
POWERstick PRO with Accessories
Image credit: Samsung

Local Pricing and Availability

The Samsung POWERstick PRO will be available from 13 June 2018 at a special launch price of price of $888, at all major consumer electronics stores. Samsung will also be holding a launch promotion for the POWERstick PRO. Consumers who purchase the POWERstick PRO are entitled to purchase an additional battery pack at a discounted price of $59 (U.P. $159), available only at major consumer electronics stores, while stocks last.

For more information about the Samsung POWERstick PRO, visit

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