LG is launching the LG G7+ThinQ in Singapore, and it comes with numerous exciting features and functions that seem to be matching what Google and Huawei are having on their smartphones, Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically on its camera.

In the hardware department, the LG G7+ThinQ also has new upgrades. It now runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, 6GB of RAM and 128GB (expandable up to 2TB) of memory storage.

To help you make an informed decision over whether the LG G7+ThinQ is your next smartphone, here are five reasons for your consideration.

Camera with Enhanced AI Capabilities

Gone are the days where taking photos on your smartphone is entirely dependent on your skills and the environment. LG G7+ThinQ has joined in the AI race by implementing an AI CAM into its camera software. Offering 19 shoot modes, the AI CAM can recognise objects and optimise its settings for the best photo outcome. Upon recognition of the object, users can also select filters under the shooting modes for a more creative touch.

The AI algorithm is also capable of detecting lighting conditions and automatically brightens up images up to four times more than typical photos shot in dim light.

Super Wide Angle Lens

LG was the first smartphone manufacturer to have a dual rear camera. They were also the first to have a wide-angle lens at the back of their smartphone, which the LG G7+ThinQ has inherited and this time, it has a 16MP Super Wide Angle lens that can shoot at a 107-degree angle with an aperture of F1.9.

Although many users do not believe that having a wide angle lens will change the way they take photos, well it does because more is more.

Boombox Speaker and DTS:X

While other brands are working to integrate two front-facing speakers for better audio experience, LG continues to stick to just one for the G7+ThinQ, which is located beside its USB Type-C charging port. However, this does not mean that LG is compensating audio experience for other upgrades. For the LG G7+ThinQ, they added a new feature called Boombox speaker, which makes use of the internal space of the smartphone as a resonance chamber to enhance audio quality and experience.

LG latest G-series flagship also comes with DTS:X that delivers virtual 3D sound for all content up to 7.1 channel audio with earphones. In a nutshell, this means if you are watching Netflix or any other videos on the G7+ThinQ, you will get a surround sound experience even when you are on wireless audio gear. We tried it and it’s mind-blowing.

Google Assistant and Google Lens

LG’s partnership with Google is more than just providing a display for their Google Pixel 2. On the LG G7+ThinQ, you will spot a third button just below the volume rocker to activate Google Assistant. A single tap will activate the Google Assistant, and two quick taps will launch the Google Lens.

Google Lens is an AI-powered featured by none other than Google to read images and delivers the information it learned to you. For example, if you take a photo of Merlion, the Google Lens will scan the image and search for information about Merlion for you. If you take a picture of a business card, it will read the details and provide you with the option to save it to your contacts.

New Second Screen

The second screen idea of LG was never a handy feature to the majority of the consumer. However, with adjustable settings on the LG G7+ThinQ, it’s about to be one that consumers will fancy.

Remember the infamous notch that the iPhone X has that just could not be hidden or blended unless you use a dark wallpaper? Well, LG G7+ThinQ has the same notch. BUT, you can adjust settings to blend it or beautify it. Watch the following video for a quick understanding of what we mean.

The LG G7+ThinQ will be available from June 2 at M1, Singtel, StarHub and other LG authorised retailers. It is priced at S$1,198 and comes in New Platinum Gray, New Aurora Black and New Moroccan Blue. If you register your interest between May 22 and May 31, you get to receive premiums worth over S$400, which include a fast-charging wireless charger, an LG Tone Infinim Bluetooth headset and a BTS case.

LG G7+ThinQ
LG G7+ThinQ

For full specifications, click here.

So what do you think of the LG G7+ThinQ? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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