Asia’s leading online property group, PropertyGuru, unveiled a new look yesterday after it underwent a brand refresh.

According to PropertyGuru, “this refresh builds on PropertyGuru’s 10-year industry experience and technology heritage and marks a new phase in the company’s transformation journey from a regional property media powerhouse to a high-growth technology company.”

The company also revamped its websites and mobile apps, which now have Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated into them to personalise property searches and enhance user experience. Understanding what the users are looking for in a property with its machine learning algorithms, “solutions will increasingly become tailored, smarter, and more accurate.”

Hari V. Krishnan, Chief Executive Officer, PropertyGuru Group, said:

“Millions in Southeast Asia have searched and found their homes with us. That’s both a privilege and a responsibility. As we look forward to the next decade, we recognise that people not only want the home finding and buying processes to be simpler and faster, but also expect highly-customised solutions to meet their needs and challenges.”

“With our revamped websites and apps, the more you use our platform, the more it becomes your platform. The experience for every user will be unique, as we learn more about their preferences. As such, this brand refresh marks PropertyGuru’s transformation into a full-fledged tech brand.”

The Group will roll out its updated brand identity across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand throughout 2018.

About the new PropertyGuru logo

The new brandmark is made up of two distinct and interconnected roofs, illustrated by interlocking red lines. While the red line is a representation of people’s life journeys, the two roofs signify the different stages people go through in a lifetime and the importance of home at each stage. The interconnection between the two roofs represents how PropertyGuru supports property seekers every step of the way. The four peaks within the logo are also a subtle nod to the Group’s four primary markets in Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Always pointing forward and rising, the new logo conveys a positive, confident, leadership positioning that not only speaks to PropertyGuru as a company but also the rise of Asia on the world stage. The new logo is fresh, simple, on category, contemporary and credible; exactly like a Trusted Advisor that helps people make confident property decisions.


To check out the new website, please visit:

Singapore: | Malaysia: |

Indonesia: | Thailand:

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