It is a dream for Star Wars fans to get their hands on the lightsaber. Although that thought is far from becoming a reality, a passionate group of individuals, dubbed Expedio Design wants to bring you closer to realising your dream to own one by introducing the LighterSaber.

As the name suggests, the LighterSaber is a lighter made of premium zinc alloy lightsaber-inspired grip, measuring at 2.5cm in diameter and 12.1cm in length.

Image credit: Expedio Design

Powered by lithium coin cell batteries, the pop culture product will give off a similar sound effect as what a lightsaber does in the movie when the flame of the lighter is ignited.

Ang Tee Chian, Co-Founder and Technical Director of Expedio Design, said:

“The 3-year journey of bringing the LighterSaber to life has been such a fulfilling one for all of us involved. Our love for the Star Wars galaxy coupled with our fervent passion for product engineering has brought the LighterSaber closer to reality. We speak to all Star Wars fans out there who we believe will come out in full force to join us on our quest to bring this one-of-a-kind made-in-Malaysia collectible to volume production, enabling anyone and everyone to carry a little piece of the empire in the palm of their hand.”

The LighterSaber is currently on Kickstarter, and Expedio Design is looking to raise S$80,000 to put a piece of Star Wars in your hands. The campaign will end on 8 February.

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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