KlookAsia’s largest in-destination service booking platform announced today the rollout of their QR-code enabled Mobile Pass for Hong Kong Airport Express. The new feature will further bridge the ever-present gap between online and offline, offering travellers a more convenient way to access Hong Kong Airport Express. This marks a new milestone in Klook’s efforts, supported by MTR Corporation, in making Hong Kong a smart city through technological innovation in tourism.

Welcoming over 16 million passengers annually in 2016[1], the Hong Kong Airport Express is one of the most utilised modes of transportation for travelers departing and arriving via Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA is ranked 8th in the World’s Top 10 Busiest Airports in 2016 by the Airports Council International[2]).

Klook Mobile Pass

With Klook Mobile App, travellers to Hong Kong can not only use their mobile phones to make payment for Airport Express tickets but can now also access the gates directly with the Mobile Pass, skipping the queue at the counters. The Mobile Pass, which is made available for offline access on Klook App, is aimed at improving Hong Kong Airport Express’ operational efficiency while ensuring travellers the most seamless and fastest experience to and from HKIA.

Klook’s seamless booking service for Hong Kong Airport Express has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users worldwide, garnering over 65,000 reviews with average score of 4.8 / 5.0.  Such achievement was also recognised by MTR Corporation, awarding Klook “The Emperor Award” for exceptional sales performance in 2017.

Over the years, Klook has been working closely with merchant partners worldwide to drive smart tourism. Integrating Mobile Pass for Hong Kong Airport Express is one example. Many of Klook’s merchant partners are traditional brick-and-mortar businesses that struggle to keep up with the fast pace of technology development and evolving expectations of today’s modern travellers. Drawing on Klook’s best-in-class engineering resources and large user base, our merchant partners are put abreast of the latest technological innovations to attract diverse users worldwide. This includes being fully localised in a multiple language user interfaces, integrating with digital wallets, and enabling varied payment methods from Apple Pay, Pay with Google to WeChat Pay and Alipay.

Using Big Data Analytics, Klook also helps merchant partners derive more significant insights into customer behaviour patterns and preferences. Combined with offline data sets, merchant partners now have a more holistic view of the customer journey, valuable in enhancing efficiency through the development of new approaches to customer management, revenue management and internal operations.

  • [1] Ten-Year Statistics, MTR Corporation (2016)
  • [2] Top 10 Busiest Airports by Passengers, Airport Council International (2016)
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