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M1, OTTO and SmartCity Solutions launch Singapore’s first intelligence waste management system

M1 Limited (M1), OTTO Waste Systems and SmartCity Solutions today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to implement the first intelligent waste management system in Singapore, utilising Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology and is a key milestone in support of Singapore’s transformation towards a Smart Nation.

With M1’s NB-IoT enabled solutions and IoT platform, ultra-low power consumption fill level sensors attached to OTTO’s trash bin receptacles will send out real-time alerts to SmartCity’s centralised management system when the appropriate level of waste is reached, enabling waste management companies for efficient cleaning and productivity. This allows waste management companies to reduce wasted resources such as manpower and fuel by only clearing containers that require immediate attention, thus improving operational efficiency. The waste data collected can be aggregated and analysed through M1’s data analytics platform to help the company further streamline its operations, such as planning of bins distribution nationwide, waste collection frequency enabling a greener environment.

“The collaboration with M1 using their NB-IoT network is a timely development for us and our customers, who will get to enjoy easy access to useful real-time data for smarter planning and resourcing on waste management nationwide. We also see the potential of such implementations helping consumers to have a greener environment to live in,” said Mr Christopher Lopez, Managing Director, OTTO Waste Systems.

“SmartWaste System is developed especially for waste collection companies in mind whom can greatly benefit from. Extensive research and development were carried out to produce the hardware and the methodology of installation to maximise the accuracy of the measurement in waste level, pollution in the environment and rodent-tracking. Through the strategic cooperation with M1 and OTTO, SmartWaste System using NB-IoT network will help companies in achieving greater cost savings and reaching higher productivity,” said, Mr P. Renganathan, Director, SmartCity.

M1 will continue to work with its partners and customers and engage with IoT experts and experience market ready NB-IoT solutions and devices to support Singapore’s transformation into a Smart Nation.


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