Sony will be launching a new full-frame mirrorless camera called the A9. So what’s so special about this new introduction to the Sony’s alpha series?

The Sony A9 is designed for sports and action. It has a 24.2-megapixel 35mm full-frame stacked CMOS sensor with integral memory, BIONZ X processing engine, 693-point wide-area phase-detection AF (CRAZY!) and a 5-axis image stabilisation. It can shoot 20 frames per second.


AF points.PNG
693 Phase-detection AF Points


Image credit: Sony

Let us digest this and allow me to repeat it. It can shoot 20 frames per second!

This is what 20 frames per second can do.

Normally, when you press down on the shoot button and let your shutter shoot fast, your viewfinder will tend to blackout in-between shots but not for this. The video shows that there is zero blackout, which Sony is boasting about. For my Sony RX100 MK4, I had to give priority to my shutter and compromise the quality of my shots to achieve something similar.

The best part of it? It’s strangely quiet, which is handy when you are shooting at a golf tournament or a tennis tournament where there are rules to when you can take a shot and when you can’t.

One more thing that I like about this camera is that there is a second and third dial stacked on top of each other. So the top dial lets you choose your drive mode and the bottom dial lets you choose your focus mode.

The A9 has a dual media slots, which according to Sony, “one is for SD and the other is for SD/Memory Stick cards to simultaneously backup still/movie date, save RAW/JPEG images to different cards, and copy between cards.”

Unfortunately, a full charge of the battery can only allow one to take approximately 480 shots before it dies. But do not fear because you can attach a vertical grip, which can house two batteries to prolong your shoot so that you don’t miss a single moment in front of fast moving objects.

Although the A9 can shoot videos at 4K, its strength lies greatly on the photography capability. Specifications and all, the A9 is a monster and this monster is not cheap at all. It will be selling at USD4,499.99, which is about SGD6,000. Unless you are really into sports and action photography, you should reconsider your budget for something like the a7RII.

So are you excited about the Sony A9?


Source: Sony

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